Welcome home, Jasper

Jasper enjoying the comforts of his new home.

Linda Morsani

After a difficult year administering to the needs of their sweet dog, Lola, Rick and Kaye were ready to fill the void in their hearts and home when Lola left. The house was “way too quiet and lonely” without a dog to order them about. With the help of the SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network, the search began to find just the right little guy. After only two weeks, Rick and Kaye found Benny through a local rescue group.

They adopted the 3-year-old, 10-pound bundle of energy and immediately decided he was really a Jasper, named after Kaye’s father, “a great guy and a bit of a character.” As Rick explains, “Our little Wild Guy Jasper would make father Jasper proud!”

Jasper came with some challenging behavior. When he initially meets other people and dogs, he becomes very excited and starts that screechy, high pitched terrier bark. Jasper also had high separation anxiety for the first few weeks in his new home. Rick and Kaye have spent time with Jasper working on these challenges and it has paid off. Now he loves his kennel and goes right in, even when Rick and Kaye are home. Although Jasper is better with his excitement issue, he still needs some help. Jasper will be attending training classes (along with Rick and Kaye!) at the SaddleBrooke Dog Park.

Rick and Kaye are extremely happy with the newest member of their family. According to Rick, Jasper is “a smart and funny guy. He now controls our lives as all good pets do and we are almost trained.”