Walking on the HOA2 Golf Courses on Winter Days

Michael Leesley, SaddleBrooke TWO Rules and Regulations Committee

Walking is a great way to enjoy the wonderful views and fresh air of SaddleBrooke. It’s healthy, too.

The shorter days of winter affect how we prepare and where to go. We’ll look at the rules regarding walking on our golf courses at MountainView and The Preserve but, first, some general tips for your safety after dark.

Obviously it’s safer to stay within areas with plenty of light, but why not also carry a flashlight or cell phone, making sure that it has plenty of charge? The cell phone will also provide the security of knowing that help is just a call away. SaddleBrooke TWO Patrol also advises us to wear light-colored or reflective clothing and to carry a walking stick, since, during the hours of darkness, one could encounter animals. One more thing: Try to be aware of each of the street names as you walk them just in case you have an emergency. Then you’ll be able to pinpoint your location to Emergency Services.

And now for the rules covering walking on our golf courses. The Rules and Regulations Handbook, Section 8.02, has the relevant rules, but here is a summary which may be helpful:

When tee times start at 8 a.m., as they do now in winter, walking is not allowed on our golf courses after 8 a.m. and before 5 p.m. Between those times are golfing hours, and only golfers and golf service staff are allowed on the courses. Note that these times are adjusted in spring when tee times start earlier. If you are unsure, there are signs posted at the access points to the courses, or you can call the Golf Shops or check with the Patrol. In the hours when walkers are allowed to use the courses, they are required to stay on the cart paths and away from the ponds. Pets are not allowed at any time.

Walkers on the golf courses do so at their own risk and must always defer or pause if there is a golfer on the course, even during approved walking hours.

Our golf courses and their views are wonderful amenities for our residents. The few rules governing walking on them ensure that they remain beautiful and keep all of us safe.