Vital Moves New Instructor

Signe Elwick

Signe Elwick

Signe Elwick

Since my retirement from full time two years ago, I have been lucky enough to join the Vital Moves staff as an instructor (TRX Basics class) and personal trainer. I have a small group of clients who mean a great deal to me. I am of the strong belief in the physics principle: a body in motion stays in motion. All exercise programs should be built from a safe base and increased as appropriate for each individual. I also think that form comes first – do movement correctly and proceed from there. That is why posture is so important. Improper posture and body alignment can lead to musculoskeletal problems and pain. Alignment and posture are critical to functioning of the entire body system.

Education: B.S. Physical Education, option in Exercise Nutrition; Doctor of Chiropractic

Certifications: Personal Trainer, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine); Certified Posture Specialist (National Posture Institute)

Courses completed: Exercise Program for Osteoporosis Prevention; TRX Suspension Training; Strength Training past 50.

Note that this is a partial list of courses, but perhaps most applicable to current training clients.

Background: 40 years as aerobic/fitness instructor and personal trainer (I am 69 years old now). Note that 40 years ago we were high impact aerobics instructors; there were no personal trainers at the time. How things in this industry have changed! Twenty of these 40 years has been at fairly famous resort/spas including the Golden Door in California and Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ.