Village Missions visits CCSB


Carol Thompson

One of the many missions Community Church at SaddleBrooke (CCSB) supports is Village Missions bringing the Gospel to small rural towns throughout the United States and Canada.

Executive Director, Reverend Brian Wechsler, spoke to the CCSB congregation bringing the message for these small towns that have lost their only church and pastor. Our mission is to support bringing a church, the pastors and the Gospel to these folks in these rural settings.

In Romans 10:8, Brian spoke of three plans the Lord has for this mission:

-Bringing the Gospel word message to these rural folks

-Bringing a ‘messenger’ in the form of a pastor/preacher and their family

-Bringing in the ‘multiplier’ (that is us) to help support these efforts.

In Mayer, Arizona, located three hours from here, the Village Missions supports the Church in this rural community. On May 5, the ladies of CCSB will hold a Women’s Retreat there.

To obtain more information, please contact them: [email protected] or call 800-617-9905.

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