On the table, left to right: Terry Sterling, Randy Smith, Linda Watkins, Steve Searl, Nancy Barrett and Gary Barlow.

Pool Players of The Brooke (PPB)want to thank our generous sponsor Leah Kari—Secure Senior Health Solutions. On February 23, 2019, the PPB hosted a Partners 8-Ball Tournament. Tournament Directors were Randy Smith and Joe Giammarino. The following field of 28 players gathered to play competitive partner 8-Ball. After a Skill Rating controlled draw where the top 14 skill rated players from the PPB would draw a partner from the balance of the field, the 14 partners were Steve Searl/Linda Watkins, Jay “The Shamrock Shooter” Clary/Ron “Dblo7” Ridge, Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino/Romayne Trudo, Gary “One Rail” Barlow/Nancy Barrett, Julie “Cutter” Ferguson/Jim “Shooter” Fabio, Tom “Blind Squirrel” Barrett/Jack Hepner, Dan “Oh No!” Stebbins/Michael Ferguson, Randy “Thin Man” Smith/Terry Sterling, Jan “Banker” Stebbins/Fred “The Baker” Dianda, Henry Krebs/Bob “O” Ogle, Richard “Loose Rack” Galant/Chris Madsen, Mike “Big Money” McDonald/Rick Watkins, Phelps L’Hommedieu/Dale Trudo, Jim “Rocketman” Donat/Rita “I’m Back” Giammarino.


First: Randy “Thin Man” Smith/Terry Sterling. 5 Wins 0 Losses

Second: Steve Searl/Linda Watkins, 4 Wins 2 Losses 1 Bye

Third: Gary “One Rail” Barlow/Nancy Barrett, 2 Wins 2 Losses 1 Bye


Randy “Thin Man” Smith and Terry Sterling’s road to victory started by beating these partner teams in this order: Mike “Big Money” McDonald/Rick Watkins, Phelps L’Hommedieu/Dale Trudo, Steve Searl/Linda Watkins, Gary “One Rail” Barlow/Nancy Barrett and, finally, Steve Searl/Linda Watkins in the finals.

Leah Kari—Secure Senior Health Solutions, Sponsors Gifts:

SmashBurger: Rita Giammarino – Gift Certificate

SmashBurger: Gary Barlow – Gift Certificate

The day started with some of the participants meeting at the RoadRunner Grill for an early lunch. The 8-Ball Partners tournament started at 1:00 p.m. and lasted four hours and 20 minutes with 55 games of 8-Ball. We competed and met some new friends that shared our passion; that is a good day! Rack ’em up!

The PPB wants to extend a big thank you to all our participants and our sponsor. A special thank you to the PPB ladies who stepped up to participate: Nancy Barrett, Jan “Banker” Stebbins, Julie “Cutter” Ferguson, Rita “I’m Back” Giammarino and Linda Watkins.

You can follow the Pool Players of The Brooke at Joe Giammarino [email protected] and Dominic Borland [email protected]