Verse to Vic Garcia

Vic Garcia

Vic Garcia

James E. Cox

St. Peter, when you meet this man

at the gate to paradise,

you’ll find Vic more than met the plan

that God decreed we emphasize.

He worked among the lawless

to bring to Justice their foul crimes,

but did not stay anonymous

when he retired to safer climes.

Vic joined the Elks, led our new Lodge

when it had barely learned to stand.

A man like Vic confronts, not dodge,

and gave them his strong, helping hand.

He stressed to follow Grand Lodge rules,

do all their rites with pride and flair.

He honored vets, helped tots and schools

and told the world our Lodge was there.

St. Peter, we know that in your log

God has written all we say.

But we present this dialogue

that heaven knows who comes to stay.