Verde Sputters Welcome the New Year

January committee

On Jan. 3, 26 Verde Sputters and three guests donned their warmest weather gear and sputtered through 18 holes on the SaddleBrooke putting green. The money-hole winner was Sheelagh Simpson. Sheelagh, don’t spend that dollar all in one place! Mickey Levich had not one, not two, but three holes-in-one. There were a total of 23 holes-in-one, in spite of the cold fingers. Honorable mention for the last game of 2021, Barb Rempel had four holes-in-one! Sue Ryan scored 38, and Barb Turner, Hazel Roper, and Mickey Levich each scored a 39.

The January luncheon had a festive black and white theme to welcome in 2022. The Vista tabletops were festively decorated with black top hats and gold and silver ribbon by the luncheon committee of Tammy Brown, Ivah Rae Randall, Laurie Miller, and Jeanne Ragan. Forty-six Verde Sputters were in attendance. Laurie Miller won the door prize of a free lunch. Debbie Van Berkom received her Star (39).

Onto the games and festivities, and don’t forget the lunch! First, we played a trivia game called Firsts. Table 1 had the most correct answers. At table one, combining all their intellects to get these answers, were Sharon Powers, Judy Loritz, Jeanne Moehn, Hazel Roper, Carole Croteau, Sue DeLago, Kay Davis, and Marianne Lyons. I won’t name names. Next, we played Brain Teasers. My brain was knotted and looped, but Jean Matheson got 19 of the 24 answers correct. Our table only got 11 correct. I’m still un-teasing my brain!

Following those games, we recovered with a raffle, of which we had six winners: Janet Knowles, Hazel Roper, Susan Clully, Vickie Novak, Sue Ryan, and Lisa Urben. Some of the raffle gifts were prosecco. Hey girls, don’t forget to share with your less lucky fellow Sputters! Last but not least, each table had two air plants, which went home with two lucky people at the table.

While all this was happening, we were grazing on a broccoli, bacon, and cheddar quiche and romaine garden salad with raspberry vinaigrette. The raspberry sorbet was well worth the brain freeze! Luckily, I didn’t have it before the brain teasers. Unfortunately, it was gone before I could take a photo of it.

The next luncheon will be on May 2 and will cost you $20. Starting in the February/March timeframe, we will be having many events and collecting dues. There will be two events in March. The Sputters/Ranchettes event will be on March 7, and all Sputters may attend the luncheon if they want. The Sputters/MountainView event will be on March 21, and the luncheon for this event will be at MountainView.

See ya there!