Verde Sputters: Putt-Putt-Putt

BK Koch

It is hot, so very hot, but that did not stop our Verde Sputters from putt-putt-putting on those last three Mondays in June. Thankfully, there was not any putting on July 3 and July 10 due to seasonal maintenance of the greens.

I want to start with a shout-out to our June and July birthday members. Our June birthdays were Sylvia Prokop, Barbara Lund, Patti Figueroa, Virginia LaBar, Sue Spaniol, Debbie Van Berkom, Alida Wilkes, Mary Ellen Clark-Sensiba, Lois Greim, Rose Anderson, and Mary Vandermast. Our July birthdays were Laurie Miller, Marilyn Palatas, Ivah Rae Randall, Opal Larkin, Jean Shaffer, Carol Odell, Marianne Lyons, Annette AuBuchon, Karen Taylor, and Leslie Nagy.

If you want to bring a guest, all you need to do is contact Elaine Ackerman at 520-825-8123 so she can make up her special, one-of-a-kind name tag for your guest. All are welcome.

On June 12, some happy ladies got holes-in-one and won the Money Hole. There were 31 Sputters, 26 holes-in-one, and Marilyn Palatas was the big winner with a low score of 37, and Hilda Clyde had a 39. Wow! Carolyn McLean got three holes-in-one, and Jean Matheson provided us twice with her hole-in-one dance when she got two, especially on the Money Hole. The following ladies also got two holes-in-one: Cynthia Hauth, Linda Lewis, Laurie Miller, Marilyn Palatas, and Sue Spaniol. Not to be outdone, the following ladies got a hole-in-one: Lavonne Ashwood, Helen Bellacqua, Donna Bujnovsky, Hilda Clyde, Jan Deschamp, Diane Hoedel, Cathy Howard, Shawna Rand, Sheelagh Simpson, Karen Taylor, and Mary Vandermast.

On June 19, 28 Sputters and one guest were out on the putting green preparing to “boil.” Carol Jones and Lee Kump “boiled” the green with a 39. High five, ladies! Ann Grover was all alone with three holes-in-one. Cathy Howard, Linda Lewis, and who can forget Carolyn McLean each had two holes-in-one, plus Carolyn also broke the bank by winning the Money Hole. Our hole-in-one ladies were Laura Berkley, Hilda Clyde, Pam Elvy, Jan Haney, Diane Hoedel, Ellane Jepson, Lee Kump, Marilyn Palatas, Sheelagh Simpson, and Sue Spaniol.

On June 26 the heat was turned up, but that didn’t stop 18 Sputters and four guests, nor did it stop Marilyn Palatas from getting a 36 or Sheelagh Simpson a 39. Plus, Sheelagh will be getting a star for her low score of 39, and Karen Simmons won a Money Hole. Marilyn Palatas was our lone putter to get two holes-in-one. The heat didn’t stop the following ladies from getting a hole-in-one: Wendy Bellamy, Pam Elvy, Debbie Flato, Deborah Gryniewicz, Ellane Jepson, Karen Simmons, Shelagh Simpson, and Sue Spaniol. Congrats also to one of our guests, Marge Vandermuss, for getting a hole-in-one.

Our next luncheon is not until September, which we are anxiously awaiting. Special events are also planned:

Niners/Sputters Event: Oct. 24 (we host)

Sputters/Ranchettes: TBD (they host)

Sputters/MountainView Putters: March TBD (we host)

See ya there!