Verde Sputters News

BK Koch

Update on the news of our ladies of Verde Sputters: On Aug. 28 rumor has it that Jean Matheson was dancing a jig as she got three holes-in-one and scored a 38! I see a star in her future.

There were 28 Sputters and one guest on Sept. 4 working up an appetite for our September luncheon. The luncheon was a big hit. Good food, decorations, laughs, and socializing, which is what Sputters is all about, so come on down and join us at our Thanksgiving luncheon on Nov. 6. If you haven’t been for a while, come back and get in the groove. Donna Bujnovsky presented Jean Matheson’s star at the luncheon. To the committee of Jan Haney, Pat Pilon, Louise Weiss, Sheelagh Simpson, Jan Deer, and Sue Leasure—a big shout-out for a job well-done. Ann Grover won the free lunch.

There will not be any putting on Monday, Oct. 16 and Oct. 23. Putting will resume on Monday, Oct. 30, at 8:30 a.m. Lydia O’Conner and Jeanne Ragan will be there to greet you. The course set-up will be done by Shari Caboor and Laurie Miller.

Beginning on Nov. 6, putting will start at 10 a.m., with sign-in at 9:30 a.m. Regarding the time of our luncheons, beginning in November, the luncheons will follow Sputting at approximately 11:15 a.m. Those of you who didn’t putt and are attending the luncheon, we’ll see your smiling faces at about 11:15 a.m. As an aside note, when putting begins at 8:30 a.m., it is possible the luncheon/brunch may start by 9:45 to 10 a.m. Yours truly discovered that when I waltzed in at 10:30 a.m. only to find the luncheon over, but I did get my delicious shrimp salad.

Raise a glass and celebrate our September birthday Sputters: Donna Gruninger, Linda Lewis, Cathy Howard, Deborah Gryniewicz, Joanne Fairweather, Linda Malone, Trudy Miller, Laura Berkley, and Sandra Gerlach.

On Sept. 18 there were 25 Sputters and one guest who had such a great time she joined on the spot. Welcome to all our new Sputters who have joined our fun group. Congrats to Connie Kotke and Donna McPherson who both got a low score of 38. Connie will be getting her star when we get together again. The lowest score went to Hilda Clyde, Opal Larkin, and Laurie Miller who each got 37. Opal also got the money hole—invest it wisely. Connie Kotke, Opal Larkin, Linda Lewis, and Laurie Miller each got three holes-in-one. What? No one danced a jig? Where is Jean when you need her?! The following got two holes-in-one: Helen Bellacqua (she’s really picking up since her vacation), Wendy Bellamy, Donna Gruninger, Karen Lott, Donna McPherson, and Ann Villar. One hole-in-one was accomplished by Nancy Bowersock, Donna Bujnovsky, Hilda Clyde, Ann Grover, Sheila Simpson, Sue Spaniol, Marge Vandermuss, and Shauna Rand.

The Niners/Sputters event in October has been canceled. The next event will be our Thanksgiving Luncheon on Nov. 6.

See ya there!