Verde Sputters news


Trudy Rossi

On Monday, February 5, 2018, SaddleBrooke One Verde Sputters hosted our putting cohorts from four miles north, the Ranchettes. Unlike 2016, the last time we hosted but the weather did not, it was an absolutely beautiful sunny, pleasant day. The putting green looked like a tulip garden of pink and green as the ladies took their places on their starting holes. While the course was as difficult as it always is, all had a good time and enjoyed the competition among the teams and with each other. The team with the lowest winning score was captained by Diana Miller and included Gail Crawford, Debby Felzien and Beverly Hanson.

The theme of the tournament was Las Vegas and the committee did a great job with decorations and unique games. Five “dealers” could be found sitting along the putting green and supervised a player picking one card to build their team’s poker hand. The lucky winners with three 4’s was the team of Trudy Rossi, Dianne Bradley, Judy Loritz and Irene Somes.

Once inside The Vistas, each team put their heads together to answer a Las Vegas Trivia quiz. The answers were multiple choice but the 15 questions were pretty difficult, like what is the oldest hotel and casino in Las Vegas (Golden Gate Hotel) and how many pillowcases are washed daily by the MGM Laundry (15,000 if you care)! The winning team of this quirky quiz was Opal Larkin, Karen Martin and Corky Mansmith. Between the Trivia game and lunch, wonderful door prizes were awarded and, happily, most were won by our guests.

Recognizing how much thought, planning and hard work goes into putting on such a successful tournament, the Sputters sincerely thank the committee of Marilyn Palatas and Sue Ryan, co-chairladies; Elaine Ackerman, Donna Gruninger, Leigh Leiuthold, Lydia O’Connor, Barbara Rempel and Jean Shaffer. It could not have been a more perfect morning followed by another excellent luncheon from SaddleBrooke One Food and Beverage so thank you one and all!

Next up on March 19 is our tournament with the MountainView Lady Putters, always a fun event often times pitting neighbor against neighbor! April 2 is the annual Fun Day and Tammy Brown and her committee are already planning another memorable Monday. The 26th annual Founder’s Invitational on April 29 will round out this 2017-2018 season as the Sputters year is quickly coming to a close but it certainly has been busy and fun-filled.

Membership in Verde Sputters is open to any resident of SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO not belonging to a sanctioned SaddleBrooke golf group, however, membership is quickly reaching capacity due to the well-founded rumor that we all have a great time! For more information please contact our team of Elaine Ackerman or Donna Gruninger 825-8123.