Verde Sputters May Installation Luncheon

Annual awards winners

BK Koch

On the bright, sunny day of May 2, 43 Verde Sputters and three guests descended upon the SaddleBrooke One putting green for another rousing game of Sputters. Debbie Van Berkom was the big winner of the Money Hole. There were 26 holes-in-one, not counting Helen Bellacqua’s when she was shooting for hole number 15 but hit a hole-in-one on hole number 4. But it was a straight shot! Penny Fullenkamp and Diane Hoedel had three holes-in-one!

There were 67 Sputters who attended the following luncheon. It was with mixed feelings seeing the current board members go and the new board members begin. We will miss our past board members but look forward with excitement to the new board members.

The drawing for the free luncheon was won by Donna Gruninger. Hold onto that, Donna. It’s a long time until the September luncheon. Thank you to the Setup Committee composed of Jan Deschamp, Judy Loritz, and Cathy Howard who did the planning and decorating for the luncheon.

Elaine Ackerman presided over the presentation of roses to the outgoing 2019–22 board members: Lydia O’Connor and Barb Rempel (presidents), Jan Deschamp and Cathy Howard (vice presidents), Marilyn Palatas (treasurers), and Mickey Levich and Sheelagh Simpson (secretaries). Roses were presented by the past presidents: Monica Light (2005–07), Karen Martin (2009–11), Ginny Porteous and Elaine Ackerman (2013–15), and Lisa Lefebvre (2017–19). Cathy Howard presented a gift card to the outgoing presidents.

At this point, the new board was formally introduced: Helen Bellacqua and Cathy Casler (presidents), Sue Leasure and Jan Deer (vice presidents), Marilyn Palatas and Donna Bujnovski (treasurers), and Sheelagh Simpson and Debbie Van Berkon (secretaries). Donna Bujnovski will also take over stats from Helen Bellacqua. Thank you, Helen, for your hard work on stats and to Donna for accepting this responsibility from Helen as she takes over the reins of president. Barb Rempel and Lydia O’Connor presented the bell and the gavel to the new presidents. Now the fun begins with the new board!

Stars were presented to Janet Knowles (39), Jan Deer (37), Jan Gann (35), and Hilda Clyde (35), and “Happy Birthday” was sung to May birthday ladies Tammy Brown, Lisa Lefebvre, Carolyn Bewalda, Susan Cluley, Donna Bujnovski, and Karen Martin.

The 2021 Spirit Award was given to Marilyn Palatas who has gone out of her way and contributed many hours of her time working on our finances, setting up putting areas, working on committees, and just being there whenever assistance is needed, asking, “What can I do to help?” Lisa Lefebvre was presented the 2020 Spirit Award for all her hard work and assistance during the year. Thank you to Marilyn and Lisa from all of us. Annual awards were given out for Low Score (Hazel Roper), Low Score Average (Marilyn Palatas), Most Holes-in-One (Hilda Clyde), and Most Improved Sputter (Jan Deer).

Our next luncheon is Sept. 5. Sputters will still be putting during the summer. Sign-in is at 8 a.m. every Monday, and putting starts at 8:30 a.m. Be sure to bring your water and sunscreen!

Save the date of Sunday, July 31, for our annual Summer Fun Day.

See ya there!