Verde Sputters Happenings

BK Koch

Amid the sweltering temperatures that were bestowed upon us, Verde Sputters persevered. Summary of the games for July/August and the Sputters who braved the heat are as follows:

On July 17 there were 17 Sputters braving the heat. Laurie Miller showed off her skills with a 39 and had two holes-in-one. Gail Mihm was the money-hole winner, and she had a hole-in-one. The other players who got a hole-in-one were Lavonne Ashwood, Laura Berkley, Lee Kump, Carolyn McLean, Sue Spaniol, and Karen Taylor. Sheelagh Simpson will be receiving her Star for her 39.

On July 24 there were 22 Sputters. The lowest score was 41. There weren’t any money-hole winners. There were 10 holes-in-one, of which Debbie Flato led with two holes-in-one. The players making a hole-in-one were Wendy Bellamy, Ann Grover, Ellane Jepson, Gail Mihm, Laurie Miller, Jayne Preston-Greene, Shauna Rand, and Kathie Roberts.

On July 31 we had 26 Sputters who putted their stuff. Cathy Howard had a 39, Hilda Clyde had a 38, and Shauna Rand will be getting her Star for 37. Ten holes-in-one were earned, with Hilda Clyde getting two of them (one of them was on the first hole), and Laura Berkley also got a hole-in-one on the first hole. Cathy Howard, Ellane Jepson, Shauna Rand, Barb Rempel, Kathie Roberts, Sheelagh Simpson, and Karen Taylor contributed to the total. There weren’t any money-hole winners.

Although it was a bit warm on Aug. 7, 18 Sputters came out to putt. There were 16 holes-in-one. Sue Spaniol had the lowest score of 38. Ellane Jepson and Laurie Miller each had three holes-in-one. The following ladies got a hole-in-one: Helen Bellacqua, Laura Berkley, Connie Kotke, Lee Kump, Donna McPherson, Gail Mihm, Kathie Roberts, Sheelagh Simpson, Karen Taylor, and Jean Matheson who did her dance again.

On Aug. 14 we had 16 Sputters. Laura Berkeley had the lowest score of 38, and she got three holes-in-one. The remaining holes-in-one are as follows: Wendy Bellamy and Donna Bujnovsky had two holes-in-one and Julie Long, Laurie Miller, and Mary Vandermast had a hole-in-one.

On Aug. 21 we had 17 Sputters and one guest, Jan Stebbins. Jan enjoyed it so much that she joined the Verde Sputters. Welcome, Jan! There were 13 holes-in-one, and we had several impressive Sputters who had low scores: Marilyn Palatas (34), Cathy Howard (35), Hilda Clyde (36), Laura Berkley (38), and Carolyn McLean (39)! Hilda Clyde and Marilyn Palatas got three holes-in-one, along with their low scores! The remaining holes-in-one are as follows: Cathy Howard and Carolyn McLean had two holes-in-one, and Ellane Jepson, Karen Martin, and Barba Rempel had a hole-in-one.

Shout-out to our August birthdays: Gail Mihm, Lisa Urban, Hilda Clyde, Sue Leasure, Nancy Bowersock, Jan Haney, Kathie Roberts, Gloria Steele, Lavonne Ashwood, Sheelagh Simpson, Elaine Ackerman, Jan Gann, Tara O’Donnell, Kathie Bigos, and Janet Knowles.