Verde Sputters December Holiday Luncheon

Holiday Committee: Deborah Gryniewicz, Vikki Novak, Ellane Jepson, Kathy Harris

BK Koch

On Dec. 5, 2022, 23 Sputters and three guests braved the gloomy weather with high spirits and smiling faces, knowing that a good holiday luncheon and lots of fun would be happening after the game. Low score was 39 for Laura Berkley and Sue Delago. Sue was really on fire, as she went on to get three holes-in-one and also won the Money Hole! There were four Sputters who got two holes-in-one: Laura Berkley, Cynthia Hauth, Mickey Levich, Carin Nersesian, and five Sputters got a hole-in-one: Jan Deschamp, Jill Jepson, Marilyn Palatas, Sylvia Prokop, and Sheelagh Simpson.

There were 64 for a lunch of brisket, green beans, and scalloped potatoes. Cathy Casler led the business meeting. Ginny Porteous won the free lunch, and the minutes and budget were approved. We sang “Happy Birthday” to the December birthday Sputters: Brenda Koch, Jan Deer, Jean Matheson, Shari Caboor, Mickey Levich, and Pat Pilon.

The committee members took over the meeting. Deborah Gryniewicz, Ellane Jepson, Vikki Novak, and Kathy Harris entertained us with a delightful skit about Scandinavian holiday traditions, including our centerpiece gnomes, as well as leading us in Christmas games with prizes and a holiday sing-along. Great job, ladies! Kathy Harris made all of the gnome centerpieces for the tables. Did you know gnomes bring good luck and protection to the home? So, everyone was eager to be the table winner to take a gnome home. Prizes were given at each table if you could answer the questions, “How well do you know your cookies?” and “How well do you know your song?” Each person at the table also received a snowflake cookie that was home-baked by Miriam Joe Blanar, 520-820-8076.

Don’t let me forget the most important part, and of which I did not get a photo. The Sputters all brought donations for families in Mammoth. Personal items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and unwrapped toys, books, stuffed animals, or anything appropriate for ages infant to age approximately 12. Under the tree were toy trucks, ball bats, Talking Elmo, baby dolls, and more, given in the spirit of Christmas. When the donations from the holiday party were brought up to Mammoth, it took two cars. Mothers come in before Christmas to choose a gift from “Santa” for their children. Can you see the smiles on the faces of the little ones thanks to you?

The New Year’s Luncheon was on Jan. 2, hosted by Marilyn Palatas, Sue Ryan, and Janet Knowles. Since we were saying goodbye to Old Father Time and hello to Baby New Year, the theme was “babies.” Our committee members Janet Knowles, Marilyn Palatas, and Sue Ryan asked for donations of baby supplies: baby wipes, bibs, onesies, diapers, cuddly blankets, toys, pacifiers, and anything else a little one would like or need.