Verde Sputters Christmas Holiday Luncheon

BK Koch

On Monday, Dec. 4, Jan Haney and Laura Berkley welcomed 42 Sputters and one new member who challenged the course. Either the balls were getting bigger or the holes smaller, but there were not any money hole winners. Laura Berkley and Marilyn Palatas shot a 37, with Opal Larkin right behind them with a 38. There were 33 holes-in-one. Laura Berkley, Linda Lewis, Sheila Simpson, and Georgianne Zigarowicz each made three holes-in-one; Carolyn Bewalda, Kathy Bigos, Sue Delago, Deborah Gryniewicz, Connie Kotke, Opal Larkin, Mickey Levich, and Marilyn Palatas each made two holes-in-one; and Lavonne Ashwood, Wendy Bellamy, Jay Dunn, Sandra Gerlach, Mary Halverson, Dawn Hecht, Carol Jones, Judie Knapp, Jant Knowles, Lee Kump, Julie Long, Judy Loritz, Laurie Miller, Sandy Ripley, Carol Ryan, Lana Steinert, Penny Stowe, Debbie Van Berkom, Ann Villar, Vicki Wermager, and Pam Young each made a hole-in-one.

After the Sputting, 60 members attended the Holiday Luncheon of chicken with mushroom marsala sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, broccolini, and peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. Special thanks go to committee members Anne Mattox, Carrie Johnson, Connie Kotke, and Pam Young. They did a wicked job with very simple but elegant decorations, delicious food, and fun games. Shauna Rand won the gift basket.

Don’t let me forget the most important part of the luncheon. The Sputters all brought donations for families in Mammoth. Personal items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and unwrapped toys, books, stuffed animals, or anything appropriate for age infant to about 12. Under the tree were toy trucks, ball bats, baby dolls, a basketball, a soccer ball, Legos, and more, given in the spirit of Christmas. The donations go to the Tri-Community Food Bank. The parents come in and pick out toys for their kids and take them home and wrap them. The SUV of Marilyn Palatas was overflowing, filled to the brim with the toys. She was going to deliver them to the Tri-Community Food Bank; however, I think I saw her compass on her car pointing north, and she was heading straight for the North Pole. There were a lot of happy children on Christmas Day!

Happy Birthday to our December Sputters: Brenda Koch, Carrie Johnson, Jan Deere, Jean Matheson, Shari Caboor, Penny Stowe, Mickey Levich, and Pat Pilon.

On Dec. 18 Vicki Wermager received her Star #39.

There wasn’t any Sputting on Jan. 1, which meant that our January luncheon will be on Jan. 8—repeat, Jan. 8. If you will be attending the luncheon on Jan. 8, you will have to sign up by noon on Jan. 2. If this date changes, you will be informed. As always, there will be a sign-up sheet at Sputting on Mondays.

See ya there!