Verde Sputters April Putts

The Verde Sputters don’t let a wind or cold or hot weather or any luncheon stop them. The turnout has been, in the words of our president, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

On April 10 the course was a bit challenging for the 45 Sputters and our three guests: Kathryn Thompson, Kathy Bigos, and Jessica Young. We prevailed to get 38 holes-in-one and a low score of 34. Hazel Roper was the low scorer with a 34, Carolyn Bewalda had a low score of 38, and Joann Koblewski had a low score of 39. Congrats go out to Sue Delago who received her pin Monday for her lowest score of 37.

In the Hole-in-One club this week is Hazel Roper for five, yes five, holes-in-one. Is there six holes-in-one in her future? Diane Hoedel got three, and Nancy Bowersock, Jan Deschamp, Pam Elvy, Jan Haney, Mickey Levich, and Judy Loritz each got two. Helen Bellacqua, Laura Berkley, Carolyn Bewalda, Debbie Flato, Donna Gruninger, Cathy Howard, Joann Koblewski, Connie Kotke, Opal Larkin, Linda Lewis, Laurie Miller, Marilyn Palatas, Kathie Roberts, Sheelagh Simpson, Sue Spaniol, Karen Taylor, and our guest Kathy Bigos all got a hole-in-one.

On April 17 the course was a little crazy, but it didn’t stop 47 Sputters and four guests from having a fun time. There were three with the low score of 37: Joni Campel, Virginia LaBar, and Sue Ryan. A low score of 38 goes to Sue Delago, and a low score of 39 goes to Jan Haney, Opal Larkin, Carolyn McLean, Donna McPherson, and Marilyn Palatas. The big Money Hole winner was Donna McPherson.

Nine ladies got two holes-in-one: Laura Berkley, Joni Campel, Donna Gruninger, Jan Haney, Deborah Gryniewicz, Virginia LaBar, Donna McPherson, Pat Pilon, Mary Vandermast. There were 16 with a hole-in-one: Carolyn Bewalda, Donna Bujnovsky, Hilda Clyde, Maggie DeBlock, Janet Fabian, Patti Figueroa, Penny Fullenkamp, Cathy Howard, Ellane Jepson, Opal Larkin, Jean Matheson, Carolyn McLean, Laurie Miller, Marilyn Palatas, Sue Ryan, and Sue Spaniol.

On April 24 there were 38 members and 10 guests, one of whom signed up to be a member—please welcome Elaine Corning. Congrats go out to Opal Larkin for not only getting the lowest score of 34, but she also got five holes-in-one. Watch out, Hazel, she’s catching up with you! Three cheers for Opal. Cathy Howard came close with a 35; Donna Gruninger got a 36; Virginia LaBar and Hazel Roper each got 37; Linda Lewis, Marilyn Palatas, and Sue Ryan got 38; and Jan Haney, Ellane Jepson, Janet Knowles, and Mickey Levich were in the mix with a 39.

Money Hole winners were Jan Deschamp, Opal Larkin, and Sheelagh Simpson.

Opal led the holes-in-one with five, Donna Gruninger and Jan Haney got four, and Virginia LaBar and Sheelagh Simpson got three. These ladies got two holes-in-one: Laura Berkley, Kathie Bigos, Elaine Corning, Jan Deschamp, Cathy Howard, Marilyn Palatas, Hazel Roper, Sue Ryan, Sue Spaniol, and Alida Wilkes.

These ladies got a hole-in-one: Betsy Amento, Lavonne Ashwood, Helen Bellacqua, Nancy Bowersock, Hilda Clyde, Sue Delago, Debbie Flato, Dianne Hoedel, Janet Knowles, Mickey Levich, Linda Lewis, Judy Loritz, Donna McPherson, Laurie Miller, and Karen Taylor. Not to be outdone, three of the guests got two holes-in-one.

Kudos to Benny Diaz, Sharon Tuntland, Cindy Phillip, and Susan Kane who got a hole-in-one.