Unwrapping the Future with ‘Smart Devices for Christmas’

Attendees actively engaged with smart devices showcased during the seminar, underscoring the hands-on and practical nature of this seminar. (Photo by Terry Heggy)

Anne Quinn-Diment, Senior Village

On Dec. 7 residents at the DesertView Performing Arts Center witnessed an informative seminar titled “Smart Devices for Christmas,” jointly presented by Senior Village and the Patrols of SaddleBrooke One and TWO. The event provided valuable insights into the transformative world of smart devices and illuminated how these technological advances can foster independence while enhancing health and safety.

Senior Village’s David Loendorf guided attendees through a journey of discovery, showcasing how smart devices facilitate seamless communication, grant access to vital health care information, and equip users with the ability to swiftly contact emergency services, among other functionalities.

The seminar helped residents become aware of the benefits of embracing the digital revolution. Attendees were informed and inspired to integrate these advances into their lives. Senior Village partnered with SaddleBrooke TWO to host the seminar at the DesertView Performing Arts Center.