Unit Happenings – May 2024

Unit 8A Roadside Pick-Up

Diane Fox

On April 13, 12 Unit 8A residents gathered again to pick up 15 bags of trash along Highway 77 between mile markers 91 and 92. Volunteers included Marty Knezovich, Shella Davidson, Mike and Maureen Bartel, Gene and Chris Lee, Shelley Zieglee, Lee and Mary Jo Stastny, Steve Chapman, Ernie Nedder, and Jerry Fox.

Additional road sections are available for adopting by contacting ADOT.

Unit 9’s First Ice Cream Social

Scott Baker

The first Unit 9 Ice Cream Social was held at the home of Don and Lee Thomas on April 21. Sixty-four people enjoyed ice cream sundaes provided by Licks Ice Cream. Money for the event came from the annual Unit Nine dues. Everyone enjoyed the four flavors of ice cream that Licks provided. Rocky road was the favorite, followed by butter pecan, vegan pistachio, and vanilla. The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time.

Together Again, Unit 14 Springs Back

Unit 14 celebrated with a long-awaited, much-anticipated Happy Hour on April 4. Nobody really knows how long it has been since our last get-together, but everyone agrees it has been too long! New neighbors were heartily welcomed, and old friends were reunited as all 70-plus revelers drank in the glorious views and atmosphere from The Preserve patio.

Word is spreading quickly, as we are eagerly looking forward to our next reunion, where and when to be determined by a unit consensus. Hope this is the start of something beautiful!

Unit 15 Dancin’ in the Street

Unit 15 came together on April 19 and were dancin’ in the street on Rocky Terrace Drive featuring music by 49th Parallel. Songs by Jimmy Buffet, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, and so many more made the residents want to sing along, dance, tap their toes, and clap for the outstanding three-piece band who kept the momentum going all afternoon!

Golf carts and chairs lined the street with residents from each street in the unit. Everyone brought an appetizer to share, and there were lots of goodies to go ‘round. Comradery was plentiful, and it was great to see some people meeting for the first time.

Legend has it that William Stevenson and Marvin Gaye were driving through the streets of Detroit and saw children of different races playing and dancing in the water of an open fire hydrant. That image of innocent and effortless integration inspired the two men to create the song “Dancing in the Street.”

Thank you to all who came to the Unit 15 yearly Dancin’ in the Street event, and also to 49th Parallel for getting the residents out of their carts and chairs and onto the street!

Kurt and Cheryl McMillen having fun at the Senior Village Beach Bash (photo by Fira Stout)

Unit 27 Activities

Sue Case

Once again, Unit 27, a small unit of 76 homes, contributed generously to the Senior Village at SaddleBrooke for its Third Annual Beach Bash, which was held on April 6. Residents Karen Erickson and Eileen Depka collected $450 from generous Unit 27 residents and filled three large baskets, valued at a total of $600, to be auctioned off at the Beach Bash. Word has it that Eileen bought two of them!

Fira Stout organized another Dine Around eating adventure for Unit 27. On a balmy Tuesday evening, April 16, Unit residents gathered on the patio at Vero Amore. The large Italian-style menu provided a wide variety of choices for food and drinks, and the servers were efficient and friendly. Although the diners sat on both sides of a very long table, most people didn’t seem to mind, and the conversation flowed during the evening.

Our winter residents are now starting to fly away for the summer, and the summer heat will turn those who remain into mole people. The cycle continues.

Sandras: Back row: Lang, Miller, Newberry, Taft, Pozzi; seated: Seppala, Schwartz

Unit 29 ‘Sandy’ Luncheon

Sandi Newberry

Would you believe Unit 29 has eight Sandras in our neighborhood of only 75 homes?! We all go by Sandy or Sandee or Sandi. The most popular middle name is Lee. Our newest resident is Sandy Taft, and our earliest resident is Sandy Schwartz who has lived in SaddleBrooke since February of 2000.

Seven of the eight Sandras met for a wonderful luncheon at the beautiful home of Sandy Seppala. Conversation never lacked as we caught up with the latest in the life of Sandy.

The Gelato Truck Comes to the SBII Villas (Units 35/35A)

On the bright, warm, sunny Saturday afternoon of April 20, 125 residents enjoyed a cooling gelato served out of Bella’s colorful Gelato Shoppe truck. Lawn chairs were brought, and it was a great time of socializing with opportunities to meet and welcome our many new residents and catch up with our friends. Those present were offered a choice of six flavors of gelato, and many sampled a variety of them. A great time was had by all present. This event was hosted by the SBII Villas Social Committee.

Unit 36 Spring Fling

Unit 36 residents met at Catalina State Park on April 7 to celebrate the arrival of spring with their annual Spring Fling. Members feasted on fried chicken and some delicious side dishes, which everyone provided. The weather was perfect, and all the attendees had a wonderful time. After dinner, many of the residents took a nature stroll led by Elisabeth Wheeler, our resident hiker and nature enthusiast. All agreed that the stroll was informative and fun!

Unit 43 Bi-Monthly Party

Raymond Goettsch

On March 27 more than 50 residents in Unit 43 of The Preserve attended their bi-monthly appetizer party at the home of Heather and Harvey Smith and their goldendoodle, Abby. The guests brought their favorite or new appetizers and their beverages of choice. The Smiths also held an Easter egg hunt, with winners receiving bottles of wine.

A Rootin’ Tootin’ Time in Unit 46!

More than 90 people joined in the fun at the unit’s Hoedown on April 12. Everyone enjoyed grilled grub, Cowboy Bingo, and line dancing, with instruction provided by Jane Sims of the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. Live entertainment was provided by Bruce and Nancy Carlson from SaddleBrooke Ranch. Everyone wore their favorite western attire, but Vivian and Rich Errico, with their turquoise bolo ties and guns and holsters, won the prize for best dressed.

Decorations and games were provided by Val Metz and her creative team and included Bull Horn Ring Toss, “Wanted Poster” photo frame opportunity, cowboy hat table centerpieces, and party favors.

This is sure to become an annual event!

Cornhole winners Jeff Cashmore and Lorie Bolme (left) and second place Brian Komar and Denise Cashmore (right) (photo by Michelle Deal)

Unit 46’s Second Annual Cornhole Competition Beats the Weather!

Denise Cashmore

Neither rain nor sleet could keep a hearty group of 46ers from attending the Second Annual Cornhole Event at MountainView on March 24. The afternoon weather was a bit fickle, with just enough sun teasing through the clouds to help make this a success!

The bracketed event began at 3 p.m. and started with 16 players, eight sets of neighborhood boards, and many spectators to cheer on the friendly competition. Rules were modified to keep things fun: Two-person teams were picked from a hat to make up the starting four brackets. Boards were set 22 feet apart (rather than the standard 27 feet), teams rally scored to 25, and then the winning teams moved on to the next bracket. For the second year in a row, Jeff Cashmore and his teammate (this year it was Lorie Bolme) won the event.

Social Directors Carla DeWolf and Joan Brookhart, who both made it to the playoff rounds with their teammates, were really pleased with the event and may consider having another in the fall. Thanks to Michelle Deal for capturing the action photos and to Nessa (our MountainView hostess) for keeping the group in good spirits with beverages, including warmed chocolate drinks and Bloody Marys.