Unit Happenings

Unit 17 Turned Green for St. Paddy’s Day

Residents of Unit 17 dressed in green to serve up St. Patrick’s Day fun for the neighborhood!

Barbara Barr

The home of Carl and Betty Weller turned into a sea of green as Unit 17 celebrated the annual St. Patrick’s Day Party. Dressed in everything green and ready to eat, residents of Unit 17 brought their finest appetizers, authentic Irish foods, and desserts to the neighborhood event. It was such a great way to gather with longtime residents while we welcomed new neighbors.

Unit 17 hosts a different social event each month. Our next gathering will be held on April 15 at the Activity Center and celebrates 25 years of our annual Spring Fling. It was a quarter of a century ago that Unit 17 first started Spring Fling to say farewell to our winter visitors before they head back to their summer homes. This party features home cooking and freshly baked cookies, along with a bean bag toss competition and plenty of fun. This year singer and guitarist Randall Dighton will entertain the unit.

The month of May brings Cinco de Mayo fun to the unit. Ginny Shockey will host this annual event on May 10. There will be a taco bar and plenty of good times with good neighbors!

Stay tuned for more fun and merriment from Unit 17!

Unit 27 Activities

Betty Cole with birthday girls Marge Leathem and Joan Braun (photo by Pat Olson)

Sue Case

Two of our Unit 27 residents, Marge Leathem and Joan Braun, are celebrating their 90th birthdays this year, and resident Pat Olson hosted a birthday celebration for them at the unit ladies canasta event on March 10. The festivities began with lunch and a card shower, followed by rousing games of canasta—a very fun way for our “active adult community” to celebrate our nonagenarian active adults. You go, girls!

Unit 27 resident Betty Cole is once again participating in the Purple Stride Community Fundraiser in Phoenix, sponsored by Pancan, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which is the nonprofit organization helping to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. Betty, who herself is a survivor of this terrible disease, is a tireless fundraiser for the group. Please consider helping Betty by making a donation at pancan.org.

Janie and Rick Grinstead, once again living in Unit 27, hosted the monthly Snack and Chat on March 11. The chosen date was in their favor, with temperatures warm enough to entice many of the attendees outside to their newly renovated backyard. Some of the heartier among them even wore short-sleeved shirts and shorts. While the soon to be hot temperatures of summer are a certainty, the temperature during this event provided a welcome relief from the colder than normal temperatures we have otherwise experienced during the first three months of 2023. Thanks, Janie and Rick.