Unit Happenings

A fun evening with villa owners, renters and friends.

Unit 20

Cathy Howard

On January 19, 2019 the RoadRunner Grill was turned into a snowflake winter celebration by the HOA One villa owners. Tables were adorned in sparkly blue and silver snowflakes, as well as, candies that disappeared by the time the event was over.

Villa owners, renters and friends met at 5:00 p.m. for cocktails and chatter. And chatter we did. We caught up on what our snowbirds had been up to, visited with friends and made new friends with visitors and renters. Before we all realized it, it was 6:00 p.m. and dinnertime. Everyone feasted on a delicious brisket dinner accompanied by a huge salad, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy and topped off with a diet friendly sundae bar. (As if any sundae bar is diet friendly.)

Raffle tickets were sold prior to and during the cocktail hour by Jan Deschamp and Cathy Howard. Everyone was so generous this year that we could barely keep up with sales and three money winners were drawn. First prize went to Sandra Knowles, second to Penny Rauzi and third to Bill Howard. Liz Foreman and Karyl McNeill were the lucky wine drawing winners.

Unit 20 villas may be a small group, but they sure know how to visit and party. Of course, we were all so happy to have our renters and friends attending so we could celebrate with them. We all thank Jan Wycoff for handling all the financial collections for this event. She has done this for us for many years.

Our next event will be our annual villa potluck scheduled for March 9, 2019 at the Activity Center and that is always well attended. In the meantime, we diet. 

Unit 27 diners with Mr. An at his namesake restaurant.

Unit 27

Sue Case

Our Unit 27 Dine Around coordinator/arranger, Fira Stout, outdid even herself when she arranged for a unit dinner at Mr. An’s restaurant on January 22. A record number of 40 unit residents signed up to attend the event and the group took up five of the restaurant’s round teppanyaki cooking tables. Unit resident, Rob Smith, made his unit social debut to dine at Mr. An’s after his recent illness and everyone there was delighted with his determined recovery.

One of the highlights of Mr. An’s is the flamboyance of the chefs who entertain as they prepare the grilled food orders. It is always as much fun to watch as to eat. Some of the diners celebrated birthdays very near the date of the dinner and Mr. An had one of his staff members take pictures of him with some of the group. And Ron Talbot received a complimentary portion of cake and ice cream.

One of the first duties of our new Unit Representative, Jeff Depka, was to solicit ideas for an appropriate gift for outgoing Unit Rep, Larry Zanatta. Unit residents anonymously donated $530 and based on the decision of Larry and Betty Zanatta to leave SaddleBrooke, the decision was made to present the cash contribution to the Zanattas. Needless to say, they were overwhelmed and appreciative of the gift.

Thanks to the dogged determination of Anne and Phil Doyle and to their committee; the Dolejs’, Bouchards and Fishers; Unit 27 will have a Block Party in 2019. It will be held Saturday, April 13 at the Terrace Park cul de sac.

If you think the temperature is too cold, wait ‘til June.

Unit 48 Pizza Paloozers.

Unit 4B

Madelaine Salas

Kick-starting the new year, Unit 48 gathered on the evening of Saturday, January 12 for a memorable Meet Your Neighbor event. Hosted by Jack and Lynn Reising and Bob and Madelaine Salas, the event was dubbed Pizza Palooza, a best tasting pizza contest. Over 60 of our unit residents participated by bringing either a salad, a dessert or a pizza for the contest. Held at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center, the tables were decorated with red and white checkered tablecloths and centerpieces containing breadsticks, lending a very Italian ambiance to the event. The pizza table overflowed with tasty Italian pies; nothing blah or ordinary here, folks! When it came time to vote for most favored pizza, imagine the shock of everyone when the Reuben pizza won. This pizza was definitely one-of-a-kind and really was a tasty Reuben sandwich in pizza form. Dennis Mickelson won a Papa Murphy’s gift card for this winning entry. Congratulations, Dennis! Our thanks to all who participated!

Life is great in 48!