Unit Happenings

Unit 15

Elaine Stamm

Residents of Unit 15 wined and dined on the patio of The Preserve on the sunny Sunday afternoon of September 24. We ordered from the Bar Menu and were served by The Preserve wait staff with their usual efficiency and aplomb. New residents met long-time residents and friendships were born or renewed.

Two of the attendees were Bud and Karen Stott who, earlier this year, were named Volunteers of the Year by Community Outreach for their longtime service.

If you missed the party, you don’t want to miss the next. Watch for upcoming notices. Thanks to Social Chairmen Suzanne and Dale Kirby for planning the Patio Party at The Preserve.

Left to right: Arlene DesJardins, David Dodd, Betsy Lowry, Margie Schulte, Faith Fromson; photo by Bob Lamb

Left to right: Arlene DesJardins, David Dodd, Betsy Lowry, Margie Schulte, Faith Fromson; photo by Bob Lamb

Unit 17

Bob Lamb

Members of the Unit 17 Social Committee are enjoying plans for Halloween. Our annual Halloween Party will be held at the HOA1 Activity Center on October 31 at 5:00 p.m. Costumes are optional but will be fun to share.

This group was having so much fun that they proceeded looking ahead to Christmas Caroling and the entire year of 2018.

Units 42, 43 and 45

Sidonia St. Germaine

The Wednesday women’s golf group end of the season golf party this year was held at Jan Seely’s house. A fine variety of appetizers and Jan’s special margaritas added to the festivities. Marcia Stenman gave serious consideration to the many various awards. The most notable one, however, was given to Anne Lange. Anne is known for going out of her way to pick up litter on and around the golf course. Because of this fine community spirit, she was awarded a nice, new garbage can to attach to her golf cart.

Ann Lange

It’s fun o’clock somewhere – especially at 5:00 p.m. the first Friday of the month when Preserve Units 42, 43 and 45 mix, mingle and meet with residents from all HOA units, clink to good times and share stories and information. Especially if you are new to SaddleBrooke, this happening place is where you come to make new friends, get the skinny, banter as to whether a Javelina is a hippo or a hog, brag about that hole-in-one you got while golfing alone and offer to buy a round if anyone can name at least 100 of the SaddleBrooke clubs. You will learn new ways to have old folk fun, how to support local veterans and young students, where to get the best hip replacement in town, why all the hubbub about a Golden Goose, where the heck the softball field is, and the amenities shared between HOA 1, HOA 2 and The Ranch. As the evening grows happier and happier, many people buddy up and stay for dinner overlooking the fabulous view of the Catalinas.

The Preserve monthly happy hour provides a safe haven for discussing amongst ourselves the prevention, treatment and cure for that terrible retirement affliction TMTD (Too Much To Do, aka Too Many Tough Decisions). It is a great chance to rejuvenate and gear up for another grueling month here at the SaddleBrooke Compound where we serve our 24/7 hard labor sentences sweating on the tennis and pickle ball courts, staying fit dancing and biking, dwelling over a good game of bridge or mahjong, slaving over our hobbies, going ballistic getting from one social event to the next on time, and trying to fit in that time management class. So, when retirement starts feeling like a full-time, high-powered stressful job – take a break, lighten your load, pause for the cause, and head for The Preserve the first Friday at five, ‘cause when the mountains turn pink, it’s time for a drink and by the time they turn blue, your troubles will be few.

The friendly Preserve happy hour – Where everybody wants to know your name, and they’re always glad you came. Cheers!

Unit 43

Sidonia St. Germaine

“Let’s have a tea party.” Remember when we got together with other little girls, our mothers would set out cups and saucers with tea, mixed with milk and sugar, along with cookies. We might dress up like fancy ladies or princesses. “Why not do it again?” was the idea of Debbie Pillard of Unit 43.

Four years ago, after several years of wintering in SaddleBrooke, Debbie decided a good way to get to know more of her neighbors was to invite them to a tea party. The party would have a theme of a child’s storybook with decorations to match. Although apprehensive about how others would take to this plan, Debbie’s party was a big hit.

This year’s party had the theme of A Little Princess. Since the story was set in the Victorian era, invitations were hand-delivered in a gift bag which included a tiara, royal sash and diamond brooch. The ladies played charades and made tussie-mussies, both of which were Victorian forms of entertainment.

Debbie took a chance on a new idea and has been rewarded by making a closer connection with many nearby residents and by starting a neighborhood tradition. This is what SaddleBrooke is all about.