Unit Happenings

Peggy Grant, Helen Bellacuqa, Minou Mueller and Anne Califra compared recipes.

Peggy Grant, Helen Bellacuqa, Minou Mueller and Anne Califra compared recipes.

Unit 3-S Summer Trivia Party

Brenda Newitter

The year-round residents of Unit 3-S gathered together for a potluck dinner and Summer Trivia Party on August 16, 2017. The trivia questions were taken from mid-1980s trivia editions and proved to be quite interesting and mind-searching. Did you know who was inaugurated where Broad and Wall Street meet in downtown Manhattan? (It was George Washington!)

Unit 3-S is famous for their great cooks who provided an interesting assortment of food. Residents indulged themselves, eating everything from pulled pork, vegetarian Italian, western-style soup, great salads and decadent desserts to root beer floats! A good time was had by all, and everyone is looking forward to the end of summer and cooler weather.

Unit 5’s Hawaiian Hula Night

Unit 5’s Hawaiian Hula Night

Unit 5 Hawaiian Night Highlights

Stephanie Cady

On July 26, over 50 people enjoyed Unit 5’s Hawaiian Hula Night at the Activities Center. Wonderful entertainment was furnished by the Hawaiian dance group Nani Loa Kupuna Hula Halau directed by Glenda Fredricks. Their live music was provided by the full Mele O Hawaii Band, which also played some favorite Hawaiian songs on their own and accompanied singers Barbara Lee and David Fuller on others. The evening was organized by hula dancer and Unit 5 resident Judy Lund. There was ample potluck food for the entire Hawaiian Islands, and a good time was had by new and longtime residents alike.

Speaking of dancing, Unit 5’s Representative has earned celebrity status! At the recent performance of Dancing with the Stars at the Tucson Music Hall, Fran Berman was the only person selected from the audience by Sasha Farber to dance a number with the troupe on stage. Fran immediately picked up on the group’s samba step and looked as if she belonged and had rehearsed, as the male dancers twirled and spun her around to very fast music. When escorted back off the stage, she received thunderous applause from all members of the audience, who appreciated how well she had performed and breathed a sigh of relief that they hadn’t been chosen instead! Nicely done, Fran!

A rainbow after the storm; photo by Nelson Rodrigues

A rainbow after the storm; photo by Nelson Rodrigues

Unit 27 Activities

Sue Case

On Saturday, July 22, Melody and Jim Branstrom hosted a Snack and Chat that will go down in the annals of Unit 27 lore for several years. On that evening, just about the time the party started, the skies opened up and sent a sudden torrential downpour into SaddleBrooke. It lasted for about 20 minutes, but a few attendees, or would-be attendees, couldn’t escape the rain. One couple made it to the house but couldn’t get out of their car. However, they finally made it into the house, where Melody and Jim had waiting towels. Another couple never made it at all: she got as far as the car, but the squall, which seemingly came out of nowhere, prevented him from leaving the garage. After it appeared that the storm would be longer than just a couple of minutes, she gave up and ran indoors, getting thoroughly soaked in the process. That couple sent their regrets and ate their appetizer in their own house.

Those who came slightly ahead of time (word to the wise), were high and dry and had a good time, as always. In fact, Melody estimates that 45 people were there. As on cue, when the rain stopped, a beautiful rainbow appeared – a welcomed gift from the monsoon, which many attendees went outside to view.

Although not as dramatic as the July Snack and Chat, the August Snack and Chat, hosted by Jan and Ron Talbot on Saturday, August 19, did have its own imprimatur. A youthful-looking Jim Branstrom was going to be honored on his 80th birthday, which Jan knew about but Jim did not. However, a plan was also afoot to honor Jan for her birthday, a week away. Jan did not previously know about the celebration planned for her and was a little miffed, thinking it would take the spotlight away from Jim’s milestone. However, it all worked out, and both Jim and Jan had a great time making fun of it all!

A reminder, that the Ladies’ Holiday Lunch will be on Thursday, December 7, at Vivace Restaurant, and the (combined units) Holiday Party will be on Friday, December 8, at the MountainView Ballroom.