Two SaddleBrooke authors, two books, both excellent

Stuart Watkins

The SaddleBrooke Writers Club has two success stories to report. One is by retired psychiatrist Mark Adams and the other is by retired obstetrician Bruce Bodkin.

Mark Adams wrote Going Against the Grain and I was thrilled to read a technical book by a psychiatrist that is written in terms that I can understand. He discussed the various forms of trauma and the effects it can have on children, teenagers and adults. Mark explains why he avoided hypnotism in his private practice. He discusses the “inner child” and “telling the story” as part of his formula for going against the grain. A dysfunctional environment, a traumatic experience such as a death in the family or perhaps being physically abused even at a very young age can affect how a person grows into adulthood. Sometimes the trauma is repressed and displays itself in the later years of adulthood. This is a powerful book and well written.

And then there is Doctor Bruce I. Brodkin who wrote a book about camping, strange events, a skeleton and a mystery that leaves the reader in suspense until the very end. Spotswood takes place in a New England campground where eight young boys and their leader encounter odd things happening to them and they are not fun. If you have ever been on a camping trip or attended a summer camp and someone tells a scary story around a campfire that sends a chill up your spine, then you know a little about the events in this spellbinder. Murdered children? Serial killer? Ancient Indians seeking revenge? Spotswood is a thriller.

Both books are available on Amazon.