T’was the Day After Christmas

By Ron Andrea

T’was the day after Christmas and, as 10 AM nears,

the Goose was a flurry of great volunteers.

The pricers were tagging, the shleppers like elves

were frantically working to stock all the shelves.

Cashiers had their registers warmed up and ready,

and the tool guys and book babes were steely eyed steady.

The clothing was hung on the hangers with care,

the floor packed with furniture, no room to spare.

The guys in computers worked as hard as they could

to make sure their products all worked as they should.

And in electronics they were working like beavers,

checking lamps and TVs and amps and receivers.

Folks in red aprons checking fridges and freezers,

the shop seemed to be crawling with happy old geezers.

Even telephone gals, resolute and undaunted,

would schedule the pickup of presents unwanted.

On linens! On jewelry! On sporting goods too!

Yes, every department had big jobs to do.

The pricers had discounted items with care.

They knew that their shoppers soon would be there.

The shoppers meanwhile, were asleep in their beds

while visions of bargains danced in their heads.

They’ll soon head to the Goose and line up at the door

to be there when they open for bargains galore!

Armed with Goose gift cards, they’ll take to the aisles

as volunteers greet them with holiday smiles.

They’ll swarm through the shop finding treasures and such,

some spending a lot, some not very much.

Some shoppers perhaps find that one little thing

that this year old Santa neglected to bring.

While others get lucky and find on the shelves,

some holiday gifts they can buy for themselves.

While back in my “hood” there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window, my heart all a flutter,

I breathlessly opened the plantation shutter.

The sun rising over the mountains aglow,

gave a mid-morning luster to objects below.

When what to my wondering eyes did I spy,

but the Goose truck making its first stop nearby.

With a little old driver so lively and quick,

I knew in an instant this wasn’t St. Nick.

His eyes how they sparkled, his steps he would quicken,

but on closer inspection, this was sure no spring chicken!

Though long in the tooth, it was easy to see

that his two merry helpers were older than he!

They were dressed all in red, with Goose t-shirts and caps,

and bags of donations had been flung on their backs.

They spoke not a word, but went straight to their work.

As they filled up the truck, I thought with a smirk,

What spurs these old geezers to break their backs so?

I’m sure they’re retired, should be taking it slow.

But on further reflection, it became very clear,

there’s something quite special that’s going on here.

It’s hard-working people extending themselves.

Through the gift of their time, they’re working like elves.

The donors, the shoppers, the volunteers too

are making a difference for families who

are searching for help just to get through the day

and the elves at the Goose have found them a way!


From your friends at the Golden Goose Thrift Shop!