‘Tony Terry and The Gaslight Theatre—The Smile of Tucson’ Documentary

Walter Fritz

If you love The Gaslight Theatre, this documentary, Tony Terry and The Gaslight Theatre—The Smile of Tucson, by SaddleBrooke resident Walter Fritz, is for you! Walter has been creating films for more than seven years. Walter began his documentary journey in Skagway, Alaska, where The Gaslight Theatre started as the Mighty Moose Melodrama Theatre in 1977. He conducted interviews and filmed where the melodrama tent was constructed. The documentary then moves to Gaslight Tucson fame where you will find out some backstage secrets as well see clips of their great performances! This film includes lots of great anecdotes from Tony himself as well as so many people who have made The Gaslight Theatre what it is today—”The Smile of Tucson!”

And exciting news! These viewings will be free to attend! All we ask is that you consider making a donation to the Gaslight Actor and Tech Fund. This fund will go to helping staff in need. Reservations are still mandatory to save your seats! Come hungry. We will have service and a full menu and bar available for orders! Please call 520-886-9428 or 520-529-1000 to RSVP.

The film runs for a little over three hours. It will be played in two acts with an intermission, as well as a Q&A after the screening.

A shorter version of this documentary will be entered at the Sundance Film Festival and the Amsterdam Film Festival in late 2024. If you need a smile right now, this is the film to see in March. Come join us at either The Gaslight Theatre on March 23 at noon or at The Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley on March 28 at 6 p.m.