Today’s best sport for the mature body

Ballbasher (aka Roger Thurman)

Authoritative research has shown that one sport (available at SaddleBrooke and the Ranch both) offers the ideal exercise to the older practitioner. It is the only sport to offer an ideal level of three aspects of physical well-being together in the same activity. Definitely one of the best ways of staying healthy, flexible, intelligent, handsome, interesting, slim, calm in adversity (Oh get on with it, Ed).

And what sport is this I hear you ask? It is Table Tennis (both in the socially venomous doubles format, and the singles, last man standing format).


The first is a light cardio work out. A gentle upping to say 120 for the best part of an hour’s play. That sorts out basic needs of the heart.


The second is eye-hand coordination. The physical effort involved in playing TT is actually modest but it demands rapid and precise movements every two or three seconds or so and thus loads a player’s eye-hand coordination. This keeps the brain fit and thus improves wit, memory, good looks, sex-appeal, etc. (Are you sure about all this? Ed)


The third physical aspect well served by TT is joint flexibility (without potentially damaging stress). TT play movements do not put the joints under heavy load (as weight training, boxing or say American football, neither much good for the older bod), but they do demand joint flexibility. Players dance* at the table, lightly flexing many of the body’s joints simultaneously. And TT does not threaten the shoulder rotator cuff with the violent serve-like motion as in tennis or Pickleball with the arm vertical over the head. This aids joint health and means you can dance all night, trip the light fantastic, leap buildings in one bound (You’re fired, Ed).

Countering Alzheimer’s

A team of Brit researchers has uncovered evidence that suggests TT is also good in retarding, possibly even preventing, development of Alzheimer’s disease. See

Combo Ideale

No other easily played sport offers quite this combination of things that are important to us oldies. It’s played indoors, no expensive gear, with all sorts of exciting competitions and a whole bunch of other benefits. There are even robots that shoot balls back at you so you can practice on your own. The game is easy to learn and easier to improve on for those returning to it.

Next Steps

So if any of this appeals to you, go to YouTube, punch in Table Tennis, and watch some amazing stuff. If then you feel that a local look might be worthwhile go check out local TT facilities (e.g.: The clubs in the district all have a modest membership of charming, dedicated, enthusiastic, originally dressed folk, all on drugs and most with prosthetic devices or supports of one type or another—And all looking for new blood. Do not hesitate, good people of SaddleBrooke—Remember – the future of aging healthily and elegantly is at either end of a Table Tennis table.

* This is a wild exaggeration. Most stand there like Buddhas at a wake waving their weaponry like a semaphore flag.

Disclaimer – Do not believe anything written here until you have had it confirmed by a government-approved source.