Tips for making your diet more plant forward

Nancy Teeter, RDN
Consumption of land animal protein, especially red meat (beef, lamb and pork) and cured deli meats, is implicated in heart disease, cancer and type two diabetes. I spoke about these health risks during my presentation earlier this month at the DesertView Fitness Center. I also provided these 12 tips to make your diet more plant forward. I recommend you identify two or three from the list below and begin to incorporate them into your dietary habits.
1. Enjoy more of the plant-based foods you already eat.
2. Reduce the intake of red and processed meats.
3. Eliminate the animal foods you don’t eat often.
4. Choose to eat meat-free one day a week.
5. Save time with canned beans and frozen veggies.
6. Stock your kitchen with healthy plant-based whole foods you like.
7. Use less meat in conventional recipes.
8. Convert meat-based recipes to plant based.
9. Explore international restaurants.
10. Be an explorer in the grocery store.
11. Take time to cook and try new recipes.
12. Try some new grains.
Many people have a warped sense of how much protein they need for good health. I provide a simple formula and examples of what foods fulfill the protein needs. If you would like to know the formula, you can email me at [email protected] My professional goal is to assist you in improving your health and reducing your risk of disease.