It’s time to plan ahead for line dance in April


Dr. Mark Magdanz

Sure feels like spring has turned back to winter but, warmer weather will fast return. With spring comes the act of planning for your next activities in our vibrant community. For many of us, the upcoming series of line dance lessons is a site for fun. Why do you need to think and act now? Current active class participants are already signed up. Winter classes were full (and sadly turning away some) so we are depending on space to open from snowbird departures, some students moving to Level 2, and life changes to create space. To get on the floor, I recommend you decide now to get on Rebecca’s wait/reserved list. That way when space opens you have the best chance to get in. Remember, for quality, safety and fun—class size is limited.

Life changes rapidly in senior communities. We live with a high concentration of aging adults. It’s a unique situation thrust upon us. Including many of life’s negatives. To combat the “lows of life” one choice is line dance — fun, social, mind and body health promoting, and “out of the house.” Dancing with Rebecca gives you advantages: dances chosen for improving knowledge, techniques, fitness and balance. Dances are chosen to be appropriate for your physical skills and limits. For those who do have physical limits/injuries, there are step and posture modifications taught for safety and comfort. Songs are chosen for lyrics (country is common because it’s easy to find fun and goofy lyrics) and come in all music types. Finally, there are two distinct skill levels to develop your skills. Come have fun, learn and laugh with Rebecca in spring/summer 2018.

Level 1 Beginners class is for those new to line dancing or those who wish a gentler pace. For newcomers/modest pace dancers Level 1 is Monday and Thursday. Students stay in Level 1 until their knowledge and/or fitness allows them to self-promote to Level 2.

Level 2 Intermediate class provides faster learning and higher fitness requirements. Those with previous training may be able to enter here but, most find at least a series of Level 1 makes for the best transition to Rebecca’s style and verbal cues while teaching. Level 2 is on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday afternoon dance party/practice sessions occur year-round for Level 2 in order to perfect skills, increase stamina and mainly for a lot of fun and laughter.

It’s sign-up time for the spring/summer series beginning early April. Gone for the season? Plan ahead to dance with Rebecca fall/winter by getting listed for fall ’18. Provisions are made for starting late and/or making up time lost due to travels, injury or illness.

Classes are taught on a reservation only basis. For information on Line Dancing lessons, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca has been training and leading line dancers in SB since 2008.