This I have learned

Mary Jo Bellner Swartzberg

And, now, it’s time to set our sights toward this new year, the 19th year of the 21st Century!

And, speaking of centuries…

A few months ago, I was typing something at my computer and I inadvertently typed 2319, not 2019! I sat at my computer and said to myself how different our world will look, 300 years (or three centuries) from today. In researching this article, I did not find what our world would be like in 300 years, but I did locate an article on what futurists, tech experts and forecasters predict for us in the year 2219. Imagine these predictions:

The environment will make a comeback.

Life spans, beginning then, will go for 200 years.

Genetic engineering will be the norm.

Neural implants will be a thing.

We’ll go part android.

We will get along with robots.

Wealth will be less important.

Pop-up communities will rise (people will return to the land).

We will achieve immortality.

Brains will go digital.

Energy will be free.

Oxygen and food will be expensive.

We will live in hibernation pods.

Rockets will replace planes.

We’ll control time.

Men will bear children.

Earth will go to one currency.

Colonization (of distant planets) will become normal.

The IGFP (Inter-Galactic Federation of Planets) might be the new UN.

We will enter a physical multiverse (we will be able to jump between dimensions).

Hmm. I thought that I would add some of my own predictions for the year 2219:


Informational chips will be embedded into the forearm of primary grade students and then upgraded when the students enter into high school. A further upgrade will be put in place in time for college and the courses of computer technologies, science and math will be foremost in the college curriculum, followed by all other areas of study.


Cars will move on computerized “highways.” And there will be a world-wide system of computerized pod air travel, allowing people to choose certain travel “trails” in the sky. Travel to planets, through advanced rapid rocket travel, will be en vogue.


The new advanced technology golf ball will be computerized and will automatically register the number of times the golf ball is struck. The score will register on a computerized score pad.


Hand-held computer devices, personal computers, etc., will be obsolete and our principal mode of communication will be through an external computer apparatus that will be embedded in the back of our necks. Wired to the brain, the apparatus will allow people to think of with whom they wish to communicate, then the apparatus sends the signal to the other person who will mentally retrieve it.

Technology can be wonderful, but consider this quote from Aldous Huxley, “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”

This I have learned…