There’s a New President’s Cup Winner

Left to right: MPLN President Charlene Leach, President’s Cup winner Caryl Dowell, and PGA Director of Golf Operations Matt Hudson (photo by EJ Snearly)

EJ Snearly

The MountainView Preserve Lady Niners’ two-day golf tournament was held on Nov. 7 and 14 at MountainView Golf Club. A luncheon in the MountainView clubhouse followed the golf tournament.

This year we are proud to recognize the President’s Cup winner Caryl Dowell. Caryl is not only a great golfer, but she has also been the president of MPLN and is still on the board in various positions.

Matt Hudson, PGA director of Golf Operations, attended the luncheon to present the trophy to winner Caryl Dowell.

Thank you to the organizers of the successful event.