The story of a homeless dog named Gabby

Bob Garner

I know a girl named Gabby.

Gabby is a sweet 60-pound pitbull mix who has been living at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona since February 2018.

She came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) covered in rashes and blisters caused by severe environmental allergens.

Through proper diet, medical care, and limitations to normal outdoor activities she has made a remarkable recovery and now you can’t tell her from any other large dog. Gabby must wear booties when she goes for a walk outdoors, to protect her feet from allergens.

As a SaddleBrooke resident and a volunteer at the HSSA, I can state that Gabby is one of the sweetest dogs with which I work. She is sensitive to some other large dogs but she couldn’t be better with people. While I get her outside most days for an hour or so, she needs and deserves a home where she can be one big, friendly lap dog. You don’t know what affection is until you’ve had a 60-pound dog lie on your lap and look up into your face with big adoring eyes.

Since she has serious allergic reactions, she is essentially a house dog and wouldn’t do well in a boarding kennel. Knowing the population in SaddleBrooke and how attuned the residents are to helping people and animals, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out and see if someone might have a place for Gabby in their home. And since I know and work with Gabby, I would be willing to help with her transition from the HSSA to a new home.

If you can help or know someone who might, please give me a call, here in SaddleBrooke, 520-721-1940 or [email protected]

To see Gabby, you can visit her at the HSSA, 635 W. Roger Road, Tucson, 85705 (Just west of Oracle Rd. and Roger Rd.).

Gabby’s page at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona can be found at