The Purpose of the SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee

Michael Leesley, SBHOA2 Rules and Regulations Committee

The Rules and Regulations Committee is a standing committee established by the Board of Directors (BoD) for the purpose of writing new rules and revising existing ones whenever it becomes necessary to address our community’s ever-changing circumstances. The goal is to work to ensure that all rules and regulations are fair, clear, and necessary before submitting them to the BoD for approval.

The committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month. We have six members, all of whom are volunteers. It is customary for the Patrol Captain and the General Manager to attend, and also a representative from the BoD. We are currently seeking another volunteer. Prospective committee members are always welcome, and those who decide to join the committee must attend two meetings before they can be recommended to the BoD for full membership. Membership approval is at the discretion of the BoD.

The committee has another role. Immediately following the monthly meeting, an executive session is held for the purpose of hearing the appeals of people who have received a citation. This gives them an opportunity to present further information that they believe will lead to a dismissal of the fine that resulted from the citation. The committee then must decide if the information is truly additional to that collected by the Patrol at the time of the offense and, if so, whether it warrants a dismissal of the citation. If the committee denies the appeal, the individual has one final recourse, and that is an appeal to the BoD.