The Preserve – Where Everything Old is New Again

New acquaintances at the Barazani’s pad – their new old home away from home.

New acquaintances at the Barazani’s pad – their new old home away from home.15

Ann Lange

February 16 was a perfect morning for some mixing and mingling over mimosas as the new transplants were initiated into the Fifty-Five or Way, Way Older Club. Our neighborhood is becoming slightly older and newer at the same time; the new homes have expanded the old Preserve perimeter to now encompass units 42-45. Our traditional Newbie Brunch was a buffet of egg souffle, French toast casserole, fresh fruit, bacon, and coffee cake prepared by Preserve Pampered Chefs Donna Silverman, Rich Adinolfi, Kris Prass, and Bonnie Barazani. As the 32 new, high-spirited arrivals shared their plans and dreams for a fulfilling retirement, they made just enough happy sounds on Fred and Bonnie Barazani’s patio to make it known they had moved here to have a rockin’ good time.

The new playmates should be careful what they wish for. They have no idea what they’ve gotten into. Little do they know it’s called retirement, because the hectic schedule that made them tired yesterday will make them tired again today and tired again tomorrow. They will go through the terrible toos. too much “funshine,” too much sunshine, and too much monkeyshine. Like little kids in the candy store, they will have way too many choices. Managing their social calendar will be as tough as maneuvering Basha’s parking lot during a Friday Lightning Sale. As they sift through the more than 100 clubs here, they will give up some old activities, like playing Twister, and trade them for new activities, like dancing the floss. Like the old-timers, the new-timers will try something new any old time, because trying new things never gets old.

We are in our prime here at the Preserve. We have the shelf life of Hostess Twinkies, outlive our warranties, ignore our sell dates, and leave the “better if used by” date open-ended. Every day is a new day in which we will learn something new and forget something old. There are many new old friends to be met, and someday old friends might become new friends again. But when asked what’s new, no one here ever says, “Same old, same old.”

Newbies, welcome to life in the new good old days. We knew we had you at the corner of SaddleBrooke and Catalina Hills with your first glimpse of the desert wonderland at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The deal was sealed the first evening you experienced the tranquility and beauty of the star show in our lights-out, dark sky community. This is the best place you could possibly be as you live out your remaining hallelujahs and have your last hurrah. We hope you live happily and actively to a ripe old age. Now, go out and buy a big bunch of really green bananas.