The MPMGA’s Pima Cup results are fabulous


Bob Edelblut

The MPMGA has been a regular participant in Pima Cup competitions for quite some time and those asked could not remember a season where the MPMGA’s teams finished as high in the standings as they did this year. Listen to this—they finished second overall and were a measly two points behind the winning team! Unbelievable! Congratulations, congratulations.

Just in case you have forgotten a Pima Cup season lasts about six months and each club in our division hosts at least one tournament every season. Our division is made up of teams representing La Paloma, Ventana Canyon, Forty Niner, El Conquistador, The Highlands, SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. Each club fields three two-man teams for every tournament and each club has a head to head match against every other team in its division during the season. Scoring is rather simple. Win more points than your opponent and you win a match. Win more points than any other team at a specific tournament and you are that tournament’s champion. Win more points than any other team over the course of the season and you are the overall champions. Yes, your thoughts are correct. Finishing second and out of first by only two points was a fabulous performance by the teams of the MPMGA Men’s Club.

Here are the members that represented the MPMGA this year: Bob Eder, Doug Anderson, Roger Gann, Richard Hicks, Tom Fitzgerald, Larry McNamee, Rick Fernandez, Len Raab, Tony Blunt, John Bidegain, David Cohen, Darryl Henderson, Larry Fox, Bruce Keefer, Bruce Fink, Gary Barnard, John Brubaker, Jack Hammar, Fred Schneider and Ron Victor. Thank you one and all for your great play and your support of our club.

On May 21, the Pro Appreciation Tournament, the last official event of this season, was held at the Forty Niner Golf Club. Our new Director of Golf, Matt Hudson, was the low professional with a score of 74. Well done, Matt! Once again, we need to extend to Ron Victor our thanks and appreciation for all he has done as coordinator of our club’s Pima Cup activities. Thanks again, and are you ready for next year?