The heart of golf at SBWGA


Ret Convey

The SBWGA’s Club Championship and Senior Club Championship highlight the very heart of golf. The three-day competition showcases not only the achievements of our finest players but also the kindness, friendship and sense of fair play evident in all who participate.

Our 2018 Club Championship co-chairs, Deb Finn and Molly Fullerton, gave tirelessly of their time and energy to ensure that the intensely competitive tournament would run smoothly, and those efforts paid off from the starting bell to the awards party.

On March 13, 15 and 20, the heart of the SBWGA was evident all over the golf course as players searched for one another’s lost balls, cheered each other’s small victories and lamented the occasional misfortunes of their fellow-competitors.

At the conclusion of the tournament Kay Kunze opened her beautiful home for the awards party, where the SBWGA’s volunteer kitchen staff donned aprons and worked the entire evening non-stop to make sure the celebration came off without a hitch.

All the ladies brought tempting dishes to share with everyone, and some even provided husbands to serve as bartenders!

The very heart of golf, however, could be heard in the thunderous applause and cheers of approval as Bernie announced the 2018 Club Champion, Becky Hubbard and Senior Club Champion, Takeyo Eakin. Congratulations, Becky and Takeyo, for your spectacular achievements, and we wish you many continued successes.

We also congratulate our flight winners for a job well done: Deb Finn, Lee Anne McClelland, Ann Chatham, Jean Molitor, Cacilia Hauth, Carol Johnson and Shirley Samlaska.

Batting a wily little ball all over hill and dale using a long, unwieldy stick is one fairly accurate way to explain “Golf,” of course, but it is the generosity of spirit, good-will and camaraderie found in the SBWGA that absolutely explains what’s at its heart.