The Esoteric Art of Nicomedes Gomez

Charli Shaulis

The SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group is sponsoring a unique experience, presented by Denis Greenland, Feb. 12, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. This is a free event for MSG members, and a $5 charge for non-members at the door.

The Metaphysical Study Group invites you to experience a journey into the esoteric world of a mystic. A collection of sixteen esoteric works of art and commentary of Nicomedes Gomez that was exhibited in Cartagena, Spain in 2019, will be presented and discussed. Each painting was an attempt to capture the essence of a mystical experience. Each experience had a message which the artist translated into a work of art. His intention was to illustrate that there are direct paths to the Divine that are open to us, represented symbolically in his works. He has received numerous awards, decorations, and appointments for his art. In 1983, he passed away but his art is still celebrated.

The work that accompanies this announcement is one of the paintings that will be discussed. Denis Greenland, a SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group member, will narrate the presentation. He will add to the commentary that was made at the exhibition in 2019 by distinguished individuals. He is able to identify the symbology and understand the meaning of the paintings because he is a member of some of the same spiritual and esoteric Orders as the artist: Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian Order, and the Traditional Martinist Order. A brief biography of the artist and his techniques will also be presented. This presentation is expected to awaken your desire to have experiences that illuminate your spiritual path in life.

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