The Community that could

Like the children’s story of the engine that pulled a train across difficult terrain to its destination, so it was with the Pet Rescue Network Power of Us fundraiser’s $10,000 goal.

During the four month effort, Network partners rallied to repeat the little blue engine’s mantra, “We think we can, we think we can.” We’re thrilled to report the destination was reached with donations totaling $10,279 from 225 partners. Now we can say, “We knew we could, we knew we could!”

A special thank you to our Top 10 Power Pullers: Big Dog Donor Timothy Close, Frank and Jeri Demsky, Brenda Kore, King Hartman, Tommie Lively, Nancy Blackwell, Dr. Jim Nelson of Prairie Village Pet Hospital, Eleanor Pence, Linda Campbell and Dianne Sebring. Twelve teams pulled us to goal, with the SaddleBrooke Dog Park being the largest donor of $1200. Nancy Newlon, the over-$40 donor raffle winner, won a custom made necklace of turquoise/lapis/sugilite donated by Patty Shero.

While Pima shelter is saving more lives than ever, it comes at a great cost to volunteer rescue groups who take sick, injured and unsocialized pets. Most rescues have outstanding vet bills of $1000 to $3000, struggling to make payments using $150 adoption fees and small fundraisers. SaddleBrooke animal lovers aided these amazing groups sending donations to six local rescues, each with a different animal focus. Details of groups and donations are on our website:

The Network received the majority of donations and we’ve begun the privilege of distributing 100% of proceeds to rescue groups in urgent need. As always, at least 95% of the funds are paid directly to service providers, ensuring a direct benefit to pets.

SaddleBrooke, we love you! The power that resides in our community to aid those in need is mind blowing. We are without a doubt a community that cares! Photos are actual pets we’ve assisted. This is why we do it!