The Catalina Timewalkers Host a Suffragette Vintage Fashion Show and Tea

Fashion display

Betty Hartnett

Andrea Holland

Andrea Holland

The Catalina Timewalkers Questers held a special event, a Suffragette Vintage Fashion Show and Tea, on March 17 in the Sonoran Room at the SaddleBrooke TWO clubhouse. Their guest speaker Betty Hartnett, AZ State Questers Past President, AZ State Treasurer, Preservation and Restoration Chair, and AZ Questers Speaker Bureau, presented “What the Suffragettes Wore: 72 Years of Fashion History.” Hartnett shared with her audience how the women’s campaign for voting rights and equality spearheaded dress reform to free women from the constriction of the Victorian silhouette. Hartnett’s presentation also showcased a beautiful display of women’s vintage fashion, accessories, and illustrations indicative of the era.

To commemorate the historic event and recognize the brave women and their political movement that changed history and won women the right to vote, Catalina Timewalkers Vice President Andrea Holland encouraged members and guests to join her in dressing up in suffragette style. Many attendees, like Holland, donned vintage hats, long skirts, and blouses and donned a suffragette sash or vintage jewelry. It was a day to salute women’s equality and the long battle for the right to vote.

Members and guests also had an opportunity to view AZ Questers’ Women’s Suffrage Exhibit, a large, six-panel display that illustrates the fascinating story of the 72-year nonviolent struggle to win the vote. The panels featured historic figures and photographs with information that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote.

In addition to having the honor to host our highly esteemed speaker Betty Hartnett, the Catalina Timewalkers also were privileged by the attendance of current AZ Questers State President Deborah Hansen, former State President and International Vice President Daphne Davis, and current AZ Questers First Vice President Alice Helton. We appreciate and graciously thank our prestigious guests for attending.

The purpose of Questers is to encourage and educate an appreciation of antiques and collectibles and to enhance their value through study and support. Questers are also committed to the preservation and restoration of historic artifacts and landmarks throughout our state. The Catalina Timewalkers welcome new members and meet once a month every third Friday from October through May, with exceptions in December and May when we meet the second Friday of the month. If you are interested in learning more about Questers and would like to attend a meeting, please contact our chapter’s treasurer Sandi Newberry by calling 520-818–0199.