Thanks for Asking!

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!” In a recent article, the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club (SBLDC) committee answered questions submitted by the inquiring minds of some of its members. The inquiries were plentiful, making this Q&A follow-up article necessary. The SBLDC thanks all its members for their questions, dedication, and commitment!

The mission of the SBLDC is to provide a positive environment where members can learn and enjoy the craft of line dance. The previous and following questions summarize how the club is able to maintain such an environment. As stated previously, the goal is enjoyment of dance and camaraderie.

Why do you offer alternate songs for your dances, aside from the music you use to teach the dances?

It is fun to mix things up and challenge ourselves by pairing a dance with new or old music, even different types of music. By knowing a dance to one song, you may find other songs that work with that dance that keep it fresh and fun. For example, Blue Night Cha has five pieces of music to use for it: “Blue Night,” “Blurred Lines,” “I Just Want to Dance With You,” “Neon Moon,” and “Unchain My Heart.” Even Christmas songs can be danced to with some of the dances. The line dances use many types of music like R&B, pop, waltzes, sambas, rock ‘n roll, and jazz, not just country.

What is the process for adding new dances?

SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club has a nine-member dance committee that researches popular new dances on the line dance circuit. When a member finds a dance that they think will work for one or more program levels of the club, it is brought to committee, along with a step sheet and video reference. The dance is then taught to the dance committee, at which time cue sheets are constructed to best teach the dance, so that syllabication matches the count of the dance. If the dance is successful in the committee stage, it moves forward into the club teaching cycle within appropriate program levels.

How often do you have special events for members to socialize and dance together in public settings, away from the practice floors?

Six events are planned each year for lunch together, dinner and dancing, or holiday parties.

Why do you only charge $10 per year for your SBLDC dues?

We are a club that relies on the generosity and enthusiasm of our membership to provide the expertise, time, and spirit that allow us to accomplish our stated mission. We are the only sanctioned SaddleBrooke line dancing club.

Once again, I want to thank the members who shared their knowledge. Questions about the SBLDC are always welcome!

If you would like to join the SBLDC, check out our website at or contact Kaye Caulkins at [email protected] Members enjoy a flexible choice of line dance lessons and workshop sessions, with no pre-bookings required, for the bargain membership fee of $10 per year. Why miss all the fun? Sign up now!