Thank You, Senior Village Volunteers

Sue Woods delivering Saddlebag Notes

Melanie Einbund

Every month, residents of SaddleBrooke receive the Saddlebag Notes in their mailbox tubes. Is it magic? No! There is a support team of about 120 volunteers. These volunteers comprise the Saddlebag Notes delivery team. They are behind every delivery! This team is new to Senior Village, just six to eight months old.

How does it happen? Senior Village’s motto is Neighbors Helping Neighbors. This is one way that Senior Village supports this motto.

Who Are These Volunteers?

They are your friends and neighbors. I spoke to Sue Jones who not only gave me background information but shared why she volunteers. Sue shared that her mother was an avid volunteer, and she volunteers to honor her mother. She is proud that the communication with the delivery team is excellent. She volunteered for the team because she saw a need and filled it. Sue is also a volunteer on the Going My Way team. She has gotten her husband into the act of delivering the papers when she can’t. By the way, they make the deliveries on their golf cart!

If you would like to volunteer, contact Senior Village Volunteer Coordinator Mary Toth at [email protected]. David Loendorf is looking to fill all positions and substitutes. A common route can be 10 to 15 minutes once a month or up to 45 minutes for a large unit.