TGIFF at the Preserve

Tick tock, it’s beer o’clock at The Preserve TGIFF

Ann Lange

TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s First Friday) at The Preserve Bar and Grill; oh, thank goodness it finally arrived on September 7 so we could get on down to the 5 o’clock follies and get pampered and happified by bartender Tammy and servers Ami, Kayla and Amanda. It has been some kind of helter-skelter skeeter season all summer in ‘Zona and the only silver lining in that big black buzzing mosquito monsoon madness cloud is that it sure made us appreciate sandflies, gnats and no-see-ums. We all gave at least a pint a day to those grabber-napping, dive-bombing, blood-sucking, mitsy-mossie swamp angels, until finally, we had an aha mosquito moment: replace a pint with a pint!

Thanks to Bonnie Barazani for getting word out to The Preserve Progeny that it was first Friday again; time for a bit of tipple and tangle with kith ‘n kin and ask, “What’s buzzin, Cuzzin?” We pretty much figured out by now, that most of us are cousins here – fourth or fifth cousins, cousins twice or thrice removed, adopted cousins, step-cousins, cousins-in-law, kissin’ cousins and those who delve a little too deeply into the twisted branches of the family tree might discover, that they in fact, just might be their own cousin. Must be some kind of dysfunctional family phenomenon of Albert Brookestein’s Theory of Relativity, and his predecessors’ theories of Unnatural Selection and Survival of the Mis-Fittest. But we do seem to share the same genes for bad hips, knees and backs; we know for sure that we all share the dominant genes for innate good character, honesty, kindness and charity and we all have the inbred GPS trait that made us find our way to The Brooke. Likewise, we all have a predisposition for addiction to fun and not just a little sprinkling of funfetti, but a ferocious flurry of it.

TGIFF is one of the many ways we keep up on the changes and expansion of our familial community and meet new kinfolk. We are adding to the almost 300 homes in The Preserve, as the larger lots in Unit 45 along Overlook Drive have opened up and those backhoes and bulldozers just keep on truckin’ in Unit 44 along Basin Camp Road and Willow Canyon Drive. Resales throughout all of SaddleBrooke and the success of the Courtyard Villas in Unit 50 offer the opportunity to meet and welcome even more fun seekers. We are all related in our desire to live active, healthy, meaningful lives here, where we have fun with benefits; close friendships, share good times and bad, help each other out and live with grace and gratitude.

SaddleBrooke has a franchise on fun; it’s the buzz word around here, is part of the zip code and comes in big doses. But read the fine print on the label, because it’s easy to OD, and too much fun for retirees is a post-occupational hazard. Meanwhile, until the first Friday of next month, do try this at home, the results may vary, batteries will probably be required and viewer discretion and participation is definitely advised.