Tennis players, SaddleBrooke Tennis Club wants you!

Photos by TJ Duffy

Photos by TJ Duffy

TJ Duffy

SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has much to offer for every level of player from the beginner to the expert. Are you interested in knowing more about tennis activity at SaddleBrooke? Visit the Tennis Center Home page, view a video of some of our activities and listen to members tell what STC offers.

To navigate to this site go to Look for and click on About our STC Video near the bottom of the page.

Joining the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club is the best way to meet some great people who love the game of tennis. We have a lot of benefits for members including: Organized Play (sign up and you’ll have a scheduled match); free Wednesday clinics (rotated by level); approximately 12 social/tennis events each year and you’ll qualify for a free tennis lesson from one of our six pros when you join. Membership dues are $80 per year – that’s not per month, that’s per year! Learn more about the STC at the links below.

You can catch-up on our newsletter here:

For more information, contact either the tennis center at 520-825-0255 or Connie Kacer at 520-825-7585.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you on the courts.