Tennis Players Make a Splash at Senior Olympics!

Photo by
Peggy Albrecht

Debbie McGeehan and Melanie Murphy

The Tucson Senior Olympics event is held annually the second and third weeks in January. This sporting event includes a large variety of sports, including tennis, pickleball, softball, target shooting, bowling, running, track and field, and many more. The tennis tournament this year was played at Fort Lowell Park. Seven tennis players were among the competitors from SaddleBrooke Tennis Club, and they all earned a medal in their competitions. In many previous years, the tournament draw was very large, and everyone played at least twice a day for three days.

Melanie Murphy and Kathy Jenson have been playing Ladies Doubles in this event since 2007 and have won a medal every year! They came home again with a Silver medal, as they had to play in their age group and then against the 50-60 year old division. Melanie has been competing in this event since 1999 and won many gold and silver medals with her husband Ed in Mixed Doubles.

This was the first year that Mary Jo Quilling and Jean Lorch participated in Ladies Doubles, and they came home with a gold medal playing in their age group. Together they played with skill and very crafty shots.

Jim Abrahamson and Gary Rowell have been partners in this event for many years, and they have been successful at bringing home the gold medal each time. Opponents realize they have a challenge returning Jim’s left-handed serve and Gary’s lobs!

This was the second year that Jim Abrahamson and Debbie McGeehan played Mixed Doubles together for the Senior Olympics. They played two matches and had a bye in the third round, leaving them with the gold medal. Luckily, the weather cooperated, unlike last year, which was cold and windy!

It is a very fun event and always exciting, as you never know who you will play against. It’s a great way to meet new players outside of SaddleBrooke and to represent our Tennis Club. Why not consider participating in one of the many venues next year in the Senior Olympics Festival? The Tucson Parks and Recreation does an amazing job at organizing this annual event.