Swim Club Produces a Bumper Crop of Masters All-Americans

First-time All-Americans (left to right): Front row: Claire Guidas, Martha Takakoshi, Bill Ton, Theresa Ashton; Second row: Samantha Martoni, Lynne Vieth, Elizabeth Steward, Fred Fahlbusch; Back row: Stan Strebig, Terry Heggy, Steve Truesdale, Dick Kreutzen, John Leet, Steve Willer, Glen Peterson. Missing are Kelly Reuter, Pat Burr, and Molly Collins

Repeating All-Americans (left to right): Front row: Harold Peter, Joannie Eastridge, Jim Spiegel, Patricia Tewksbury; Back row: Terry Heggy (head coach), Ted Pierce, Doug Springer, Glenn Tewksbury, and Glen Peterson. Missing are Wendy Weinberg, Jill and Jack Fritz, and Gloria Tolaro.

Dick Kreutzen

It’s not unusual for the SaddleBrooke Swim Club to produce several All-American swimmers each season, but the club produced a bumper crop of All-Americans during the U.S. Masters Swimmers (USMS) short-course-yards 2021 season. The USMS awards All-American status to individuals who achieved the national best time in their age group for an individual or relay event.

Repeat and first-time SaddleBrooke All-Americans for the USMS 2021 season are as follows:

• Repeat All-Americans: Patricia Tewksbury, Wendy Weinberg, Jill Fritz, Joannie Eastridge, Gloria Tolaro, Jack Fritz, Glenn Tewksbury, Harold Peter, Ted Pierce, Glen Peterson, Jim Spiegel, and Doug Springer

• First-time All-Americans: Martha Takakoshi, Kelly Reuter, Lynne Vieth, Pat Burr, Theresa Ashton, Claire Guidas, Molly Collins, Samantha Martoni, Elizabeth Steward, Stan Strebig, Steve Willer, Bill Ton, Steve Truesdale, John Leet, Dick Kreutzen, Fred Fahlbusch, and Terry Heggy

Good facilities, great coaching, a time-tested program, and a welcoming community are huge contributors to this success, but swimmer fitness is an essential influence. Many of the above All-Americans began swimming seriously when they joined the Swim Club, often fairly late in life. Some began swimming seriously after participating in the club’s Let’s Swim clinic. So, join the club and start swimming for fitness.

Club membership dues are $20 a year, which includes a club t-shirt. You can learn more about the club on its website, www.SaddleBrookeSwimClub.org. All interested swimmers are welcome! Many club members do not compete, but swim for enjoyment and the fitness benefits. In addition to the Let’s Swim clinics, the club offers an Adult Learn to Swim clinic for non-swimmers. The plan is to offer both clinics twice a year, spring and fall.