Summer Line Dance Classes with Rebecca

Thursdays in the Maricopa Room are a blast for the Level 2 Line Dancers of Rebecca Magdanz. One hour of nonstop action and about 4,000 steps in 10-12 different dances. Whew!

Dr Mark Magdanz

It’s been said that “you don’t stop dancing because you’re getting old – you get old because you stop dancing.” There is no excuse for not dancing in SaddleBrooke these days. Maybe there’s no ballet, but most everything else is out there for all to enjoy. Movement with music and socialization has proven evidence for its health benefits for almost all of the maladies we face in our “maturing” age group.

Why might professionally taught line dance lessons be best for you? Your instructor is present to provide you with numerous added value items for success. Step drills are performed allowing basic moves into muscle memory. Dances are chosen for fun and to broaden your skills. Your fitness improvement is under experienced observation. More complex or dizzying steps can easily hinder new dancers so alternate steps are suggested to fit physical abilities of the individual. Step cues are spoken just prior to performance (and loud enough) so students can have success keeping time with music. Your learning and performing process is supported verbally with repetition, written step sheets and online viewing. Rebecca observes to verify that the students are becoming adequately versed in steps before proceeding. Physical limitations are discussed and can be compensated for in most circumstances. The dances in each series are limited so as not to overwhelm you with volume from day one. Importantly, she has the knowledge to provide advanced caution on moves difficult for your joints.

Line dancing is about fun and exercise. Summer can be best with A/C cooling and smaller classes. This summer, there is something for everybody, no matter your skill, age or experience. All you need is the desire to get on the dance floor. Both proficiency levels will have their summer sessions start in mid-July. Rebecca has students reserved far into the future so with sessions starting this July, September/October and then again in January of 2020, you can reserve space now. Dance with your heart and your feet will follow!

Level 1/Novice Class serves three types of dancers: 1) Beginners obtaining knowledge and training; 2) Dancers who have been away for a while and need gradual re-entry and 3) Dancers who are ready to slow down their pace but not stop. Many dances will be new and additional step teaching will make for a gradual physical fitness level increase. Level 1 lessons are Monday and Thursday.

Level 2/Adv Beginner/Easy Intermediate is for the dancer who wants a faster learning pace, more difficult steps and a more vigorous workout. The Level 2 sessions are Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Rebecca is a professional instructor in her 12th year of SaddleBrooke teaching. She began her dance training with professional lessons at age eight, continued ballroom lessons at Fred Astaire and has taken line dance lessons with eight professional instructors to round her skills. To place your name on a reservation list for summer or beyond, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or
phone 520-818-2656.