Suit Yourself: Be a Senior Village Volunteer

Kevin Schick, a volunteer with the Village Going My Way team, arrives to take Gute Gutierrez for a medical appointment.

Kevin Schick, a volunteer with the Village Going My Way team, arrives to take Gute Gutierrez for a medical appointment.

Stephanie Thomas

Life is a balancing act, trying to fit in everything we want to do. That’s especially true in SaddleBrooke with so many activities and clubs from which to choose.

Whether you are new to SaddleBrooke and wondering how to become involved in our community or if you’ve lived here for a while and are ready to explore a different volunteer organization, check out Senior Village. We offer you the opportunity to volunteer with no time commitment to certain days of the week or month. Our volunteers can accept tasks from an online calendar and choose to perform services whenever it suits their schedules. Sound good? Read on!

Not only can you suit yourself deciding when to accept a task but also choosing which of our teams you want to join based on your interests and experience.

Going My Way: provides transportation to appointments and errands.

Helping Hands: performs simple fix-its around the house and patio.

Lock Box: installs front door emergency access lock boxes for responders from Golder Ranch Fire Dept.

Friendly Contact: makes personal phone calls or home visits to members, sets up audio book players for members, delivers meals for members returning from rehab or hospitalization.

Fun with Friends: arranges activities for social interaction such as our book club, bingo, monthly birthday member luncheons, putters, bocce, Men’s Social Hour.

Admin: handles the preparation of envelopes for mailings.

Other teams: Dispatch, Membership, Moving On for those leaving SaddleBrooke and Home Automation.

Have you found a team that interests you? The next step is to go to for instructions on how to sign up. You will be contacted to attend a basic orientation followed by a team orientation. After a security background check, required by our insurance company, you will receive your Village name badge and be ready to accept service requests when it suits you, at least twice a month.

Being a Senior Village volunteer is a win-win: you will enjoy helping and meeting others, and our members love the way Village volunteers take care of them. It’s a new year and time to step back and look at where your life is going, to re-evaluate what’s important to you. You can choose to make a major difference in the quality of life for your neighbors.

For more information as a volunteer or member, call 520-314-1042. Let us help you find balance in your life; suit yourself with our open-ended volunteer calendar.