Stuart Reports a Scam

Stuart Watkins

“Verizon Fake Notice of Past Due Account” dated May 7, at 12:20 p.m.

They had my correct account number and included a real number to call if I wanted to contact a customer financial services representative: 866-266-1445.

I was behind two months, or about $152, so it was not a large amount and therefore not worth hiring an attorney to go after that amount. They also gave me a website and said to visit their secure payment website at

They told me to sign in to My Verizon to view and pay my bill. They kept asking for my password to proceed.

I also received notices on my cell phone that my Verizon account was past due. The letter instructions continued: “Dial #PMT from your phone and follow the instructions.”

I decided to call the number on the notice and see if Verizon was using my correct Visa card, and was told the correct card was being used, and that the account number on the form is my number.

Then my account balance was checked and it was confirmed that my balance was paid in full.

Next, I decided to read the url to the operator and the Verizon representative told me the site was a scam and to not reply and do not give out my Verizon password.

Then I was transferred to a fraud division and was told this type of scam has been going around. According to the person on the phone, “One customer was told he was being sent two free iPhones and needed to give his password and credit card account to cover shipping and handling.”

It was too late for him to stop the charge, because he did not confirm the call was legit.

Can charges be made against this fake company? Since no money was sent, there was no harm. However, the scam will keep being sent to others with Verizon accounts, so be careful.

Our police department will get a copy of this letter and the actual letter sent to me.

What can they do? Perhaps nothing, but if someone is able to track down the originators of the fake url, maybe the federal government can knock on their door.