STC Welcomes Pop Tennis

Jay Clayton Wilson

SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has supported the health and enjoyment of all residents for many years by arranging organized tennis on courts that are provided and maintained by our homeowner’s associations. The focus has always been on tennis as recognized by the United States Tennis Association and the program has always been to provide healthy competition on the courts as well as fun at social events, usually on the Tennis Center patio.

Recently active retirement communities like ours have added a new sport that is widely popular and can be played on our existing courts. It is Pop Tennis.

SaddleBrooke Pop Tennis players have been enthusiastically accepted by our tennis players and their numbers are increasing. There are ten times as many tennis players. But Pop Tennis players have gracefully fitted into the programs and have brought many new members to the STC community. Players of both sports have integrated smoothly, respected each other, and made the transition a fluid, enjoyable experience. Numerous players have mentioned the friendly welcome they received at STC and from tennis players. The relationship is very good.

New tennis members have long had a special section of the bulletin board on the patio where their photos are posted in an effort to introduce them and get them involved in the social and competitive aspects of the club. Now a new section has been devoted to the introductory photographs of our Pop Tennis players.

The effortless transition demonstrates the finest tradition of active adult retirement. Pop Tennis has not been disruptive. Instead it emphasizes the harmony that SaddleBrooke has always offered. As our two homeowner’s associations move closer to each other in common interests and shared values, the transition of our valuable tennis facilities will serve as a salient in what could otherwise be a stormy sea.

Pop Tennis can best be understood by a simple Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo search. The top URL usually is a set of three videos in which the game is described and, of more importance, demonstrated by experts. What a surprise! Watch them play! It can be very social or it can be extremely fast and competitive. Helpfully, one need not toss the ball to serve, thus avoiding the bright sun which always plagues tennis players, especially in the afternoon. Also, the videos show how fast and agile the players must be as they reach higher skill levels. Tennis players know all about that.

New Pop Tennis members have given a resounding endorsement to the ambiance and atmosphere at STC. Some have never played a racket sport. Some have played active tennis. Some have brought racket skills from other sports and found Pop Tennis at STC to be fun and enjoyable as well as a proactive way to keep fit.

The experience of integrating Pop Tennis into the tennis program at STC has been exciting, productive, and highly beneficial to those who play and to the entire active adult retirement community at SaddleBrooke. Come join us in either sport.

Oh. Did I mention that Pop Tennis players know how to have fun at the right time? What can be better than this?