An STC night of reflection, conviviality and bopping

Wyatt Wellshot

One hundred and fifty-three denizens of the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club stormed HOA One Vistas dining room Tuesday, December 5 for a night of reflection, conviviality and bopping. The club members were so numerous that the entire dining area was fully complemented with dashing men, some arrayed in cosmopolitan tuxedoes and the fulsome ladies opting in many cases for dazzling evening gowns! It can be posited that no other SaddleBrooke club turns out with the style, elegance and bon homme’ as does our tennis club.

Adding to the visual spectacle of the participants themselves, Deborah McGeehan, our membership chair exceptionale,’ donated a Christmas tree and its concomitant skirt. Tree decoration was the domain of Debbie, Marie Kahng and Tina Humber with ornaments generously donated by Don Petito.

Not incidentally, Mary Whitehead and Debbie have been the designers and stage managers for the Christmas banquet going on four years and deserve our appreciation.

After much kibitzing and energetic prattle, lubricated by pre-prandial cocktails, we settled to our respective tables and began our feast with a fine green salad.

The members were then entranced by a repast served buffet style. The main course diverged depending your diet predilection; a pasta serving line for those infatuated with the delights of Italian cooking and a carving option for the carnivores, a sumptuous and redolent prime rib with all the attendant enhancements. It should be noted that some diners (including your never-to-be humble scribe) had ecumenical tastes and opted to attack both buffet lines—sort of like getting your second serve(ing) in—.

A luscious and decadent dessert was the reward for those with gastronomic room in the form of chocolate layer cake accented by an understated raspberry sauce. Kudos to the HOA One chef and staff.

As the pleasure of our epicurean experience set in, music was heard emanating from the DJ’s, Gus and Ms. Gina. Tennis players, well known for their love of participation and exquisite sense of rhythm, flooded the dance floor and enraptured their partners with a bacchanal of dance steps.

It was a lovely evening of friendship, fine food and twirling with the best company people can have.

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STC is dedicated to the health and enjoyment of all SaddleBrooke residents and is the venue for fun in the outdoors (wear sunscreen). To join us just call Membership Chair Connie Kacer at 825-7585 or the STC office (825-0255). It’s that easy. We would love to have you.