Stained Glass Club news



Linda Pomeroy

It’s a lovely time of year to drive through our development. Many of our neighbors have decorated their homes for the holidays. But while these are temporary decorations, look closely and you will see some permanent decorations. I am talking about the stained glass works of art done by many of the homeowners. You will see side light windows, bathroom windows, regular windows, hanging diffusers and many more pieces of accent art. Most of the work you see has been done by the homeowner after taking one of our Stained Glass classes. Many of the items done by people can’t be seen. Some have done night lights, hall lights, wall hangings, jewelry boxes and keepsake boxes.

The potential works are only limited by ones imagination. Members have made Christmas presents, birthday presents, gifts for anniversaries and many more occasions. To appreciate the use of glass, you only need to look up when entering the Medical Office building at Northwest Hospital Medical Facility on Tangerine Road. A beautiful desert landscape appears before your eyes.

The Stained Glass Club is one of the smaller clubs in SaddleBrooke. Most individuals fear that they are not artistic enough to do such work. Glass is different than most artistic endeavors. You don’t have to have the ability to draw because you can obtain patterns.

Cutting, soldering, grouting, framing and hanging are all the things you will be taught when attending our classes. Since its inception, the club has had some remarkable teachers. Our teachers have taken people with no experience to artists who now produce their art for sale. It is a hobby that can take you where you want to go. Projects for your home, family and friends are all options.

The only necessary tools are hand tools which can be purchased through the club at reduced prices. The club has a full complement of grinders, bits, stretchers, work boards, circle cutters and saws to complete any project.

Teaching our classes is a remarkable lady who, before moving to SaddleBrooke, owned her own stained glass business. Esther Olson learned the craft of stained glass by taking a class 20 years ago. She took every class available and began working for her mentor the following year. On the job training taught her all aspects of stained glass production including teaching, pattern design and repairs/restoration. She became the new owner upon the retirement of her mentor. Teaching classes here in SaddleBrooke is her joy of staying involved in the art of stained glass.

We hope you will stop by our table, No. 14, at the Recreation and Activities Fair that will be held on Saturday, January 30 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the MountainView Ballroom and sign up to enroll in our Basic Glass class. We look forward to seeing you.