Square Dancing in SaddleBrooke Is More Than Square Dancing

Richard Martin

Although our SaddleBrooke Squares Club loves to square dance, we have a lot of fun engaging in other activities. For example, a few weeks back, a bunch of us spontaneously decided to head to Catalina Craft Pizza for one of their outdoor concerts. It was great getting together with old friends again.

As another example, in early April, we also started having “do you remember any of the square dance calls?” practice sessions on SaddleBrooke One’s wonderful tennis patio. My friend, Gary Clark, and I had written a COVID-19 comedy skit that we were going to perform at our upcoming wine tasting party, and I decided our tennis patio dance would be a good place to have a dress rehearsal for our skit. I intentionally didn’t give our dancers advanced notice of our intended dress rehearsal (namely because we didn’t want to reduce the number of people who would normally show up).

The short of it is that, if you decide to become a SaddleBrooke square dancer, you’ll do more than just exercise your mind and your body on the dance floor. You’ll make a lot of new friends and do lots of fun things outside of square dancing. Just search SaddleBrooke Squares to learn more about one of the best clubs in SaddleBrooke.